Illien facilitates for Kentucky Adoption Services

Ethiopia: Illien Adoption Program

Kentucky Adoption Services, Inc. proudly partners with Illien Adoptions, International, a licensed child placing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia to assist Kentucky families in their pursuit of an adoption from Ethiopia.  Kentucky Adoption Services, Inc. and Illien Adoptions have created a cooperative working relationship to provide ethical, professional and quality service delivery to both children and families.

Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa that is favorable to inter-country adoption. U.S. agencies are licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA) which functions directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. The MOJ oversees all of the inter-country adoption activity and the adoption process has many built-in safeguards. Illien Adoptions is licensed in Ethiopia.  KAS can assist Kentucky families with homestudies and document preparation for an Ethiopian adoption, which will be processed directly by Illien.  Families will enter a contract directly with Illien for adoption processing.   The U.S. Embassy coordinates closely with the Ethiopian government to ensure the eligibility of each child available for adoption.


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