Playing Moscow outraged over adopted Russian boy manslaughter

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Miles Harrison

Again with someone who is too busy for his kid.  He took 13 calls on his cellphone?  Apparently this loving father was completely ignoring his son.  He obviously wasn't chatting, singing, engaging his boy.  They wanted this kid so badly, they got him from an institute in Russia, only to drive him to a day-care institute in the US, only oops, sorry, forget he was there.  Didn't you smell the sunscreen?  Apparently he didn't forget to put that on.  Don't you know - if you have a child, you must care for and nurture that child, you are the PRIMARY caregiver.   You do not drive him around, drop him off, pick him up, put him to bed.   BUT, if you do, please remember to DROP HIM OFF.  poor, poor baby.

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