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Organization type: Adoption Agency
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Rick HayhowOwner
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Kids Link International Adoption AgencyDoing business asImagine Adoption
Saint Anne Adoption CentreDoing business asImagine Adoption
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International adoption agency's bankruptcy leaves parents in lurch2009-07-14
Cambridge based adoption agency files for bankruptcy, leaving potential parents wondering, what's next?2009-07-14
'Some of the children were actually not orphans'2009-07-17
MP's firm linked to adoption group2009-07-18
Adoption parents invited to bankruptcy meeting2009-07-18
Would-be parents seek government help after adoption agency goes belly up2009-07-19
Couples meet up after adoption agency declares bankruptcy2009-07-19
Families consider bailout of failed adoption agency2009-07-20
Families hoping Ont. ministry can help untangle overseas adoptions left in limbo2009-07-24
Adoption families rally support in wake of agency bankruptcy2009-07-26
Hope for victims of failed adoption agency2009-07-27
Fraud probe launched into bankrupt adoption agency2009-07-27
McGuinty Government Taking Action After Adoption Agency Collapses2009-07-28
Imagine Adoption families group meets with Ont. minister over adoptions bankruptcy2009-07-29
Future brightens for family looking to adopt2009-07-29
Claims against bankrupt agency top $3 million2009-07-30
Families attempt to rescue adoption agency2009-07-30
Families of Imagine Adoption vote to work with bankruptcy trustee to save agency2009-07-30
Shut-out adoptive parents to get help from province2009-07-30
Bankrupt adoption agency owed money to 400 families2009-07-30
Making every effort to save adoptions2009-07-30
Hopeful adoptees arrive in Ontario2009-07-30
N.B. mother hopeful adoption will succeed despite agency bankruptcy2009-07-31
B.C. families devastated by adoption agency's bankruptcy2009-08-04
Province helping families left in adoption limbo2009-08-05
Smaller, related adoption agency also goes bankrupt2009-08-11
Christian leaders must walk the talk, avoiding even an appearance of impropriety2009-08-14
Bankrupt adoption agency's restructuring plan expected today2009-08-28
Bankrupt adoption agency could be back in business soon2009-09-08
Agency restructuring may not be enough2009-09-15
Creditors vote to revive Imagine adoption agency2009-09-21
Bailout of adoption agency approved2009-09-22
Ontario places new demands on international adoption agencies2009-09-30
Adoption agencies to face stiffer monitoring2009-10-01
Adoptions from Ghana dropped by rescued agency 2009-11-03
Woman hopeful as adoption agency revived2009-12-02
Imagine Adoption re-opens2009-12-22
Payments to Ethiopia soared before local adoption agency collapsed2010-02-27
Directors charged with defrauding adoption agency of $420,0002011-04-08
Imagine Adoption owners charged2011-04-09
Imagine Adoption Owners Charged With Fraud2011-04-09
Adoption employees arrested2011-04-11
Imagine Adoption charges a relief: family2011-04-11
Trial expected in alleged Imagine Adoption fraud case2012-08-21
Executives to stand trial on eight charges in Imagine Adoption fraud case2012-08-23
Ex-couple back in court in Imagine Adoption fraud case2013-09-05
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Ghana - misc child trafficking casesAdoption agency


780 King Street East
Cambridge, Ontario, ON N3H 3N9
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