Playing Child Trafficking and Women in Poverty

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February 2008
See undercover video taken by police, better understand why it happens, and who is doing it. It highlights the heartbreaking reality of child trafficking around the world.

Women and children in poverty are at an extremely high risk of exploitation. This is why World Concern, , makes child trafficking prevention a major component of its aid programs, especially in Asia.

CREDITS: Originally produced by the Viva Network and the Asha Forum in association with Fat America Films, and was sponsored by World Emergency Relief.
The government wants to get rid of street-children and reduce prostitution because of the crimes associated with the sex industry. Yet what is happening to the girls who get pregnant by "johns" (men with an unknown identiy? ) Where do those babies go? Dumpsters? Orphanages? Children's Homes? Are they getting aborted or adopted, or left to live the same fate as those before them?


How else do children get trafficked?

Below is an example how war and "natural disasters" bring child traffickers to the scene:

THE massive dislocation of families owing to the raging armed conflict in Mindanao has spurred the trafficking of children, a legislator said on Sunday.
“A growing number of young girls and boys whose families have been displaced by constant armed strife have become extremely vulnerable to trafficking by illegal-job recruiters and all sorts of predators,” Nacionalista Party Rep. Emmylous Taliño-Mendoza of North Cotabato said.
Many of the underaged victims risk maltreatment and exploitation as sweatshop laborers, street slaves and child prostitutes under the employ of gangsters or illegal workers abroad.
“Sadly, the condition in many parts of Mindanao that are being tormented by armed clashes has become highly conducive for child traffickers,” Taliño-Mendoza said.
She appealed to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, as well as operators of passenger buses, interisland vessels and airlines, to exercise greater vigilance and take extra precautions against child traffickers.
“One practical way to discourage trafficking is for domestic passenger carriers to check the identity and age of every traveling minor, and to ascertain whether the child is accompanied by a verified family member or relative, or by a person who is not related to the minor,” Taliño-Mendoza said.
She said unrelated adults chaperoning traveling youngsters should be checked, and their identities should be recorded and verified. A leading nongovernment group closely monitoring human trafficking in the country has corroborated Taliño-Mendoza’s apprehension.
Human traffickers are definitely preying on children dislocated by rebel attacks and the operations of government troops running after them in Mindanao, according to the Visayan Forum Foundation Inc.
The foundation said syndicates have been prowling evacuation camps for potential young laborers for overseas deployment.
It added that 34 minors have already been rescued by social workers from traffickers that sneaked them out of conflict zones in Mindanao and tried to deploy them to the Middle East on spurious travel papers.
The Visayan Forum works for the welfare of women and children who are victims of trafficking, as well as marginalized migrants, especially those employed in the invisible and informal sectors, like domestic help. The foundation runs two shelters in Davao City.
Since 2001, the foundation has rescued and aided more than 32,000 victims and potential victims of trafficking, and has assisted in the filing of 66 criminal cases on behalf of 166 victims.
The National Disaster Coordinating Council said that since August, more than 600,000 noncombatants, including over 40,000 children, have been displaced as a result of military-rebel clashes and armed incursions by wayward Moro Islamic Liberation Front factions across three regions in Mindanao.
Some of the evacuees are in 123 evacuation centers, while others have sought refuge elsewhere, mostly in the homes of relatives and friends in other nearby towns. 
Besides Cotabato, the three other provinces bearing the brunt of the armed conflict are Lanao del Norte, Maguindanao, and Shariff Kabunsuan.
Since August, the fighting in Northern Mindanao, Central Mindanao, and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, has also caused more than P1.2 billion-worth of damage to farms and fisheries, industries and public infrastructure.  [From:  "Child traffickers prowl Mindanao evacuation centers", Rene Acosta, Buisness Mirror, November 23, 2008,]
Some believe adoption is the permanant solution to these sort of problems.
I ask:  "REALLY?!?"

"Women and children in

"Women and children in poverty are at an extremely high risk of exploitation."

And that is who CPS targets... if you check... 1 of every 25 clients investigated by CPS are above the "poor-grade" line...
They can't afford a real lawyer.... they can't sue.... they have absolutely no way to protect themselves... which is why everything CPS does is behind closed doors in secret courts where for the most part you can't even bring in a person for support... and if you don't have a lawyer... unlike rapists, child molesters.., murders... who have the right to lawyer..... you don't.

Cause if you had rights they could not just steal your child... When you enter the secret "family" court all rights and freedoms are suspended..... you are less then a child molester or a rapist...

It so sick and disgusting... I lack the words to describe such moral-less, savage humans...

But what can be said with out a shadow of a doubt.....
"Canadian, American and British Governments are the biggest child traffickers on the planet... they turned it into a billion dollar industry..."

And somehow they even forged themselves respectable titles and large paychecks... trafficking stolen children like my self and many of my friends...

Women & Children

Once again Bizzi you hit the nail on the head too bad our government is making so much money doing this or we could get it stopped. To add insult to injury my daughter now has been told she will have to pay child support, on the very child that they stole. So now not only do they steal your children you have to pay for the privilege.


That is just sick.... but

That is just sick.... but that is the mentality of the upper-class/government....

I have learned over the years you can't expect much more from, those kinds of people.

All they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
All they see the poor as, is vagrant scum polluting their streets filling up the alleyways. Vermin that needs to be expelled from society.... those are the principles foundations in which CPS was created for...

It will only be a matter of time before people realize what is going on and rebel... in a not so quiet way as we are doing now... history will repeat it's it always has and always will.... we are creatures of habit... and once again the upper-class has gotten out of control... so once again we the poor will have to put them in their way or another or we will be forced to live in fear for our families and children...

The system is full of a bunch of low life dirtbags......

I don't know about you folks but I'd rather get locked up for fighting for my freedom then to live in fear of such savage brutes... who traffic the poor's children for a living....

Historically speaking, this is how it always worked

Birth parents paying the state to care for their children is nothing new.

Historically speaking, that's how orphanages and children's homes have typically operated.... until adoption brought enough money to make child-trading a very lucrative business for the state.

If the mother (in most cases) was not able to pay her monthly fees, the baby/child was either sold or killed, whichever was cheaper, easier or brought the most revenue.  Either way, the state was able to save money by not providing the care needed from those women and children who had no fathers or family members providing homes and  financial support for them.   [Nice how welfare began with dead-beat dads, isn't it?]

If interested, by all means read about the Butterbox Babies and it's family-planning alternative, The Workhouse, where a child/mother had to work to earn their keep in society.

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