Playing Product placement: an advertisment for foreign adoption, or cereal?

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Based on a true story. In fact, when people go to other countries to meet their adopted children, it is suggested that they bring along Cheerios because it helps break the ice. Shot in Russia by Academy Award Winning Director Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot, In America). Credits: Mark Cacciatore, Ron Arnold, Tod Seisser, Leslie Goldman, Enza Mullen, Michelle Strank and Jim Wilday.


Which sells more -- the foreign orphan-story or the cereal itself? 


[Truth be told....]

I personally always hated Cheerios, but I did give them to my babies to play with them.  The smell of them wet was always awful. 

What's interesting to me is this advertising message that some things are not replaceable.

Actually, almost everything in my life IS replaceable. The problem is, no one in their right mind wants to be replaced, not even people from a cereal company.

The only things NOT replaceable are the babies born from my body.

The fact that the folks at Cheerios are comparing parents to a nasty smelling cereal truly sickens me.... but I realize I'm looking at a cereal commercial far too seriously.

I would have prefered to see a commercial that shows donations of cereal given to children in orphanages and children's homes, but I suppose a commercial showing orphans having fun playing with their cereal at their little orphan tables is far too risky to chance on TV or the media.



comment on youtube

I tried to post a comment on YouTube about this video, the exact text of which is lost. It got moderated by the publisher of the video and in response I got this message:

shut up

let me guess, you're friends with the other whiner that just sent an e-mail. grow up and do something about the world if you don't like it. stop badgering well-intentioned people. you are pathetic sitting there behind a screen and thinking you are making things better with your empty drivel.

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