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The Shrew

The Shrew: She is a woman who purchases the uterine contents of another woman and lies about all the details found within those contents. She also keeps to herself all the records of that final deed of deception and keeps them filed away... locked and hidden from that which was never intended to become an abandoned abortion.


FDH: He is a male shrew. He is the man who will marry the purchased uterine contents of another woman, twice removed. He chooses Passive Aggresive tactics to use and abuse his child-bride's New uterus as he sees fit. Ultimately, that Used Bag of Goods will get tossed away like a used tampon, only that act is TWICE as revolting and disgraceful than the first generational discredit, since it is a man who used sex his wife to screw her over much like A Shrew uses sex over a man to mess the mind of her daughter.

And so the sins of the father repeat the blood-bath of pain and misery all over again. Such grand legacy left for The Children, eh?

The Abyss

The Abyss: It's where Bottom Dwellers Bleed. It's the soul's Home. Mine is that like the Ocean; 3/4 of my life's experience has been spent in The Abyss.

The more time spent alone in The Abyss, the harder it is to re-surface.

The Abyss is the number #1 reason why Suicide, drug/sex addictions, and broken relationships exist. It is the Number One Misdiagnosed malady known to Man, and it is the number one ailment treated wrongly by Therapists who try to fill a Void with pills created by Big Drug Companies.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

RAD is the result of inconsistent care given to ANY child within the first three years of life. The more negligent/absent the care given/not given by the Natural Mommy, the worse the behavior manifestations will become and be seen in the toddler-years. The longer these behavioral problems go unrecognized as being Bonding Issues, the worse the long-term outcome such negligent care will result. AND... the more pills a person is being filled to numb the emotional voids from within, the more psychotheraputic frauds are contributing to the Drug and Sex addictions we all see in main-stream humanity.

RAD is REAL bad!

Pound Pup Legacy