Relatives Want Adopted Sister Of Slain Girl

Date: 2008-11-03

Relatives Want Adopted Sister Of Slain Girl

Dennis Edwards
WASHINGTON (WJZ) ― Three children were adopted by a Maryland woman.  Two ended up dead, their bodies found in her freezer.  Now there are people hoping to save the surviving child as her adoptive mother sits in a jail cell.  Dennis Edwards talked to the little girl's family members about what they want to do.

Minnet Bowman's family planted a tree in her memory and launched a personal campaign to find and adopt her older sister.

It was a simple ceremony to plant a donated tree in memory of Minnet, a living reminder of her brief life.

"A lot of hurt that we're trying to get over.  This will help us just to celebrate that the girl is still alive in our hearts," said her uncle, Irvin Randall.

Renee Bowman, Minnet and Jasmine Bowman's adopted mother, was indicted on first degree murder and child abuse charges after their bodies were found in her freezer.  The family doesn't know why the girls were killed, but they have a theory about why their bodies were kept.

"Money.  $2,400 a month.  Money," said Tanya Randall, Minnet's aunt.  "They were in the freezer for about a hear and she was moving from place to place and she took the freezer with her."

This memorial does not mark the end of the Randall family's journey.  They're looking for Minnet's older sister, who's also believed to be in the foster care system.  They'd like to adopt her.

Minnet is one of Irvin's sister's six children.  The family knows there is an older daughter out there somewhere.  They are hoping to find and adopt her as soon as possible.

The Randall family will go to court soon to ask for help getting records.


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