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August 15, 2008

FTIA is excited to announce that we can now begin accepting applications for Ethiopia.

FTIA is partnering with Bethany Christian Services of Grand Rapids, Michigan in Ethiopia. Bethany Christian Services is licensed in Ethiopia and FTIA's license is pending Ethiopia's review of adoption and licensing laws and regulations. FTIA has been funding an Ethiopian Non Governmental Organization that runs an orphanage and provides other social services to children and families in economic difficulties including family preservation services through micro enterprise loans, providing school fees and expenses for children, providing counseling services to families, and intercountry adoption. The orphanage is receiving children, some of whom we expect will be cleared for international adoption. By working together in partnership, FTIA and Bethany Christian Services will be able to place children from Ethiopia needing permanency and loving homes.

Our partnership with Bethany Christian Services will not impact how we process your adoption or interact with adoptive families. You will simply apply to FTIA and our staff will guide you through the process, just as with any country program. This partnership simply allows both FTIA and Bethany to provide homes to children in a way that benefits both the children of Ethiopia and the adoptive families.

To apply for an adoption from Ethiopia, go to our website,, print the Application and Adoption Services Agreement and send it to us with your application fee. You will be contacted by one of our coordinators and provided a MyFTIA password to access the Ethiopia Dossier Guide online to help you prepare all your paperwork to adopt from Ethiopia.

For our first several families that submit dossiers, we are anticipating the wait for referrals will be relatively short - about 1-3 months. Depending on the number of families applying, we expect the wait time for a referral will increase as the number of families applying to adopt from Ethiopia increases.

After acceptance of a referral, we estimate time to travel to be 3-6 months. The trip to complete the adoption should be around 8-9 days.

If you have question, please call our Intake Team at 888-797-9900.

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