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Has anyone ever had experience with the incidious lunatic remody "EFFEXOR"...

I had friends come and visit earlier this year. They stayed about a month. At the same time my fuckin quack doctor decided to poison my rational brain prescribe a new AD to me....."EFFEXOR DIBILITATE FUCK YOU UP MOOD SWINGER"      Effexor.

This nearly destroyed my friendship (well it could have if my friends were'nt so damn good and forgiving). I turned into a monster wrecking ball. It got worse, when I was finally told by my FUCKING QUACK CRACKHEAD DICKHEAD MORONIC doctor that I should go back to Prozac I had to go through a LIFETIME ETERNATY OF MANIC LUNACY WITH FUCKING WIERD PHYSICAL JERKS AND QUIRKS AND SUICIDAL FUCKING THOUGHTS PADDED CELL PLEASE SOFT PENIS FUCK YOU ALL FUCK FUCK OFF! MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE AM I SCHITZO MENTAL HELLO MUMMY MAD few weeks of slight withdrawls.........

shake that bottle and dance to the rattlin sound....I am back to normal now...



Oh BROTHER!!!!!!

Effexor, Seroquel and Lamictal were the final decided drugs prescribed for me, but that's not to say that's all that was tried and tested.  [See "Memory recall", ].  I think the only drug NOT suggested was Welbutrin.

Worse than being ON it all was coming OFF it all. 

"Slight withdrawals" you say?  I'd rather recover from a massive head injury than go through that again.  [Have you taken the time to read what's written about "non-habit forming" Effexor?!? It's INSANE!]


Funny thing is this:  I have several friends who have been on anti-depressants, and they say the meds have worked miracles for them.  None of these friends were adopted.  (I try not to think what that implies....)

I don't know how it is with doctors Down Under, but it seems like there is a rush to medicate the emotionally wounded here in NJ.  Considering all the complications some of these medications can cause, I'm not convinced pill-pushing is in a patient's best-interest.

[But, hey... what do I know about doctors, pills and the dangers of mixing medications?]

Personally, I don't believe "a pill" has the power to replace the value of really good people, so for me, I have been taking it upon myself to NOT accept the things that have always felt "unacceptable".   (After all, I'd like to think somewhere deep inside of me I know what feels right, what feels safe and what feels good.)   


Ummm.....ummmm....I'm on Effexor!!! BUT....for menopausal reasons!! SERIOUSLY!!! It controls my hot flashes...REALLY it does!! We did a study on it and it does help...for the menopausal out there anyway. As for Welbutrin...YUK YUK YUK! I did that to try to quit smoking...I had an allergic reaction to it and almost had a heart I'm still smoking!

I'm so far from being a "pill popper" and I did, recently, try to ween myself off the Effexor and the hot flashes and anxiety were as bad as they were when I was yea...I'm back on it for now. But being menopausal is OK with me, now I have a reason to be "bitchy"...but with a smile :)


Interesting look at risks and benefits

I was just reading about the link between anti-depressant use and hot-flash symptoms, and sure enough, Effexor, Paxil, Prozac, Celexa "and others" have been found to be an acceptable alternative to traditional hormone therapy used for menopausal women.  [See both articles written here:  Hot Flashes:  Minimize discomfort during menopause and Antidepressants for hot flashes ]

After my head-injury, my neurologist told me hormones were the root of all emotional problems, and I fully agreed with that philosphy.  [It's amazing what profound fear and stress can do to the body, isn't it?!]

With that in mind, so to speak, the rationale behind the use of anti-depressants for the physical symptoms caused by hormonal changes in a menopausal woman's body reads like this: 

Low-dose antidepressant medication may help forestall a hot flash by rebalancing or intercepting the chemicals in the brain that transmit the hot flash alarm, epinephrine and serotonin.

Effexor (venlafaxine) can reduce hot flashes by about 50% in nearly 60% of women with breast cancer according to a study done by Dr. Charles Loprinzi at the Mayo Clinic. Improvement happened relatively quickly: 80% of the eventual decrease in hot flashes occurred within the first week of taking the medication. Side effects, when they were noted, were mild. The dose used was 12.5 milligrams taken twice daily.

A more recent study showed that some women may need a higher total dose of 75 milligrams daily to get significant relief. Extended-release preparations are available. Paxil (paroxetine) works in a similar way to Effexor and is a good alternative. Some women tolerate Paxil better. Its recommended dose is 10 mg once a day for the first week, then 20 mg once a day thereafter.  [ ]

The only problem I see with this course of therapy is simple -- more often than not, over time, patients are directed to take MORE of the prescribed pill, not less... possibly creating a cycle of dependence that will have consequences related to prolonged drug-use.  Considering the US FDA has issued an advisory on antidepressant medicines and the risk of suicide, I believe the risks and benefits must be seriously discussed before any patient seeks "a quick fix".  People must remember health-care IS a business, so medical management needs to be based on the consumer's (patient's) knowledge and understanding of treatment options. 

Although I personally prefer the use of diagnostic tools to measure the success, failure, or established rate of stability regarding a patient's symptoms, ("objective information")  I tend to believe most adult patients do have common-sense when it comes to offering their doctor "subjective information".  Common sense dictates, if the bothersome symptoms are relieved, and no new troublesome symptoms begin, the prescribed treatment program is considered a success.  If new problems begin, a patient needs to discuss this with the physician so reassessment and adjustments can be made to the treatment plan.

Just out of curiosity, were you asked to have blood-work or an (f)MRI before Effexor therapy was started?


I'm in healthcare..have been for 23 1/2 years and I trust the doctors I know and work with. If anything, they have never pushed meds on me, it's been quit the opposite. For instance, I'm going to try yoga and breathing excersises to control my hot flashes and possibly my blood pressure(which has been a little high since menopause). I'm on the lowest dose of the 2 meds I'm on.

I'm fortunate that I've had no side effects from the Effexor....and it does help the flashes....AMEN!! But hey,  yoga just may be replacing that soon :)

Lots of Ginger and Ginseng

Lots of Ginger and Ginseng with that yoga will help. I taught yoga for a year or so while I was a tech in Alberta. It can do amazing things if you stick with it... but in my area there is no park that people practice it in.. like in Alberta..

Comming off

Just be very careful when you stop using does wierd things to you.......kind of like electro shock therapy without the wires and car battery......


I did stop the effexor, I HATE taking pills! But the hot flashes SOON started as strong as they did before I started the Effexor, so I began taking it again. Other than the flashes, I had no other side effects, thank God.

As for Yoga, I'm definately going to give it a shot!!!! :)

Try Wellbutrin....totally

Try Wellbutrin....totally different experience.

Prescip drugs are bad

All these drugs are bad for people and none of you guys should be using them. The drug companies are making up new reasons to use them every day and they only do so to make more money because the majority of the United States knows they screw people up and sales have really dropped. Anti depressants(and they shouldn't even be called that) make people act enraged, move and think slowly, act violent, and want to kill themselves and other people. There are so many good herbs for menopause it isn't even funny. Red clover is a good one, along with black cohosh and Vit E. There are many good herbs and vitamins for depression too, like St. Johnswort, along with biotin and folic acid(and Vit C if you smoke). If you have any kind of emotional problem or pain the best thing you can do for yourself is go to a licesened herbalist. Doctors trash herbs because they are comepetition and cost the medical industry alot of money, so they lie and say herbs are ineffective too. The drug companies do to. Most Americans use herbs now for everything and they should always be the first choice. People need to be aware to that drug companies are now making psych drugs addictive on purpose to ensure sales. The FDA doesn't even care that they are controling and manipulating people like this. Drug companies and doctors are no better than drug pushers on the street.

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