Playing Paradise for Pedophiles - Senegal

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July 1998
A disturbing account of paedophilia in Senegal.

16-year old Aly has been propositioned for sex since he was a young boy. He's been tempted by the offers - in return for sex he could perhaps get passage to the West, live his dream of being a rap star and get a record deal. It sounds easy. But the psychologist who runs a centre for abused street kids knows different. "Those kids feel shame about their bodies. They have a feeling of agressiveness towards adults. It's a threat to society." Senegalese law is not on his side though. On paper paedophiles can be imprisoned for 10 years yet they rarely receive such harsh treatment. Last year a Canadian paodophile admitted guilt to the Senegalese police. He was fined $3000. Locals don't want to talk about the lively influx of sex tourists. They don't want their beautiful heritage-town to get a reputation. Nor do they want to put off tourists of any kind. It's a sad indictment of African poverty that anyone with money can get exactly what they want. A paedophile victim understands how the bribes work. "He said if I told he'd get into trouble and the money transfers back home would be stopped."Some Europeans and a South African have been living in Goree for years. Everyone knows that they are paedophiles. But nobody says anything. Silence means more tourism - but for the children it means a destroyed life.


"Pedophiles are safe here"

Note what's featured at 7:10

Money sent to a child's refuge was made possible by pedophiles, because sex with children would then be much easier.  Once the sex stopped, so did the money.

The government didn't want to do anything because it would ruin the profits made from tourism.

Isn't it scary to learn what is allowed to happen, all because there is a promise of more money?


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