Playing Foster Father of The Year has his day in court

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A case from 2005: Former "Foster Father of The Year", Gary McCoy, not only adopted 7 children, but admitted to sexually abusing "some of the people formerly in his care". This confession came after 3 female victims reported sexual abuse to police. According to reported allegations, the abuse began when the girls turned 14.

In this particular day-in-court, (April, 2005), the former "Foster Father of The Year" admitted he had a problem, and wanted some sort of treatment.

The judge set his bond at $1 million dollars. [At the time of this posting, I was not able to find news reports regarding the final verdict to this case.]

Instead, let's just think.... before this court appearance in 2005, there were other courts and judges who decided (7 different times!) he was"fit to parent" another person's child.

[Article can be found here:]

Imagine just how many sexually abusive foster/adoptive "family members" go UNREPORTED to the police each and every year....


Parent of the year

Hmmm where have we seen that before, parents of the year ending up being abusers.

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