Guatemala - Esther Sulamita daughter of Ana Escobar case


Ana Escobar's case was the first that unequivocally proved a stolen child was put up for adoption. March 26, 2007, Escobar reported her daughter stolen day. July 23, 2008, DNA tests identified the toddler, living with a US couple, about to be adopted. Charges were dropped against Feliciano Hernandez, the doctor who falsified the birth certificate, and Otto Galvez, the lawyer representing the adoptive parents.

Six-month-old Esther Sulamita was stolen from Ana by an armed robber in Guatemala City. She had been renamed Susy Amarilis Fernandez Molina, the supposed daughter of Edelmira Hernández Molina.

Susy Amarilis "passed" the USCIS ordered DNA test and was issued immigration pre-approval.

Feliciano Hernandez Citan created a fake birth certificate.
Aida Gutierrez  did the fake DNA
Otto Rene Galvez Abril represented the adoptive parents
Juana Elizabeth Perez Estrada was the foster mother

Date: 2007-03-26
Number of children: 1



Guatemala City, Guatemala
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