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Ravindrath family Ravindranath family

For years stolen children were processed through adoption agency and orphanage known as Malaysian Social Services, at Tiruverkadu in Chennai's northwest. MSS paid people to steal children, gave them new identities and placed them for adoption. This continued unabated even though an Indian court cancelled one family's proposed adoption in 1995 because MSS had lied when it claimed a five-year-old girl was abandoned.
As many as 165 stolen children may have been adopted by overseas parents, with 14 going to couples in Australia. See Individual cases:

Sateesh Kumar (Anbu Rohit Bisessar aka "Rahul") case
Subash (aka Ashraf) son of Sivagama and Nageshwar Rao case
Zabeen (aka Suji) daughter of Fatima and Sali case
Date: 2008-08-23
Number of children: 165


Tiruverkadu, Tamil Nadu
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