Child trafficking cases

This group intends to collect information about child trafficking cases.

An archive of all cases can be found here.



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Babies adopted through fraudster 'won't be returned' silent1Case file4396 years 9 weeks ago06 years 9 weeks ago
Guatemala - Candida, Claudia, Enma Galacia case silent1Child trafficking case31616 years 6 weeks ago06 years 6 weeks ago
Adoption figures don't tally silent1Case file5106 years 3 weeks ago06 years 3 weeks ago
Vietnamese and Cambodian infants trafficked to China case silent1Child trafficking case21876 years 9 weeks ago06 years 9 weeks ago
The CICIG is complainant in trafficking in persons silent1Case file9416 years 5 weeks ago06 years 5 weeks ago
Lawyers accused of involvement in illicit activities, leading the process of adoptions silent1Case file31036 years 3 weeks ago06 years 3 weeks ago
Hunan orphanages sells babies, says report silent1Case file11014 years 43 weeks ago04 years 43 weeks ago
Accused baby seller meant well, lawyer says silent1Case file2986 years 8 weeks ago06 years 8 weeks ago
Battle for Children - Video from Miami Herald silent1Case file4856 years 2 weeks ago06 years 2 weeks ago
Vietnam - Tia Sang Orphanage silent1Child trafficking case16324 years 38 weeks ago04 years 38 weeks ago
Liberia: Parents Cite Poverty for Abduction of Children silent1Case file5576 years 2 weeks ago06 years 2 weeks ago
Nepal's stolen children highlight flawed adoption system silent1Case file3904 years 37 weeks ago04 years 37 weeks ago
Brazil's baby smugglers do a booming business silent1Case file14676 years 4 weeks ago06 years 4 weeks ago
Kidnapped children rescued from traffickers in Haiti silent1Case file3566 years 6 days ago06 years 6 days ago
China Vows Action on Trafficking silent1Case file7725 years 48 weeks ago15 years 47 weeks ago
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