Playing "To whom it may concern" - An Adoption Song

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This song is an open letter to (unwed?) Birth Mothers - thanking them for giving the gift of life (a child) to those who otherwise might not have had the miraculous experience that goes with being a parent. 

I wish the Open Letter included all the pain, loss and grief adoption issues (like maternal abandonment) bring the child forced into an adoption-plan - a plan made by a group of adults who all benefit, especially those who get a form of payment for their services and fees.

I wish the Open Letter thanked the adoption agency for all the missing information that often comes with an adoption-plan/adoptee, too.

Then again, this Open Letter is from happy customers.... those who got what they wanted, thanks to the recruitment  efforts made by those pushing for a young mother to give-away her baby... to complete strangers who obviously had the money to pay the initial required fees to have a child, but may not be fit or prepared to parent the child forced into a forever adoption-agreement.


identity unknown?

Today I noticed this video for the first time, even though it was up for a long time.
Immediate reaction:

Why is this song called "to whom it may concern" and not "Joanna" or "Nicole"? Why does the mother of the child not have a name?

The phrase "to whom it may concern" made me think of the salutation of this letter. Whether the package is received or returned to sender, it apparently doesn't seem to matter where the gift is coming from.

Really horrible song, horrible lyrics.

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