Cheryl Allen, Pastor

Berea Baptist Mission Church (senior Pastor Cheryl Allen) owns a property in the inner city of Johannesburg,in South Africa. It consists of two houses and a few outbuildings. The one house is used as a church where people of over 16 nations come to worship. The other house is occupied by the Pastor and his wife. It was this church that felt led to start the mission of saving abandoned babies. The address of the church is 48 Hillbrow Street, Berea. Johannesburg. file://C:/DOKUME~1/roelie/LOKALE~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/28ca5485b...

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The Lord has led the people of Berea Baptist Church to expand and reach out to unreached people in Johannesburg. As a result a church building has been purchased in Yeoville where Raphael Kayamba is pioneering the work of Bellevue Baptist Church. This building will also potentially house 12 babies. With it's location being so close to the street where prostitutes are rife, we feel this is a necessity to assist in decreasing abandonment in that area as well.

Further expansion is expected in the near future into the area of Bertrams, yet another area in Johannesburg that is without church guidance.

Presently Pastor Cheryl Allen has also been called to Pastor a church in Troyeville, another poor area of our city. As part of her outreach into the community she has started a nursery school for the needy children of the area. So many are impoverished and the parents can not afford to have their children cared for whilst they look for jobs. This nursery provides a place for the children to go. Door of Hope networks closely with them in the ways of donations, pray and support.

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