Playing Interview with CPS - Part 1, second try

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Parents meet with CPS workers to discuss their case. Workers are experts in dodging and avoiding, but did expose themselves on several important issues.

[Note the court findings and how CPS follows the law]

Part two to this video can be found here:


The corrupt psychopaths...

The corrupt psychopaths at CPS are removing videos faster then we can post em...They wanna play these childish games of hiding their crimes... I will start from today on making an archive of all the videos I post here that I find. This is starting to piss me off... They are such cowards!!!!


I knew when I saw the second video I should have copy-pasted the information written by the guy who posted the video.  He made a very good comment about the worker getting very upset about him (the father) filming/recording the meeting.  As an added piece of information, the dad explained "the rules" and laws regarding video-taping conversations.

I suppose "hidden camera" pieces are promoted only if you have a big TV news-crew behind you.

<rolling eyes>

For those who may be interested...

The original video can be found at YouTube,, with the following comment: 

YouTube is censoring this critically important video! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS before it gets banned again. Download it at:

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