A sincere apology to [censored], former CEO of AMREX

Today I received an email from censored, the former executive director of Genesis Adoption and former CEO of AMREX. Supposedly censored didn't want to be mentioned in the the factual information we wrote about her activities and the organizations she had worked for.

This is what she wrote:

I would like to recieve the information on the owner of the site and the address to forward the legal documentation to remove all the posts realted to me personally and my business name. Please include your business insurance information needed for the law suit in case of your refusal.
This will serve as initial legal notice/warnig to you to perform all of the above.

Thank you.

I've heard time and time again that people running websites that who have the audacity to give factual information about adoption agencies receive kind requests to remove that content on behalf of the glorification of child trade helping families.

I now realize our mistake and realize we should do nothing but hail the adoption industry for making it possible for people without children to finally have a family.

Censored has for years worked in the adoption industry, but with this email I realize she is far too modest to be affiliated with any of the Temples of Charity the adoption agencies really are. Out of total self-lessness censored has given families the children they so dearly wanted and we can only imagine the enormous sacrifices she has made to do so.

When we reported about censored in previous posts, we dared to suggest that the fact censored together with her mother Galina Konstantinovna Bondarenko, working for Beacon House and her ex-husband Aleksandr Zakharov Valerevich, working for Adoption Placement were actually umbrella'ing in Russia, while the Russian authorities don't condone such practices, but we completely forgot the sacrificial risk censored took there on behalf of American families. It breaks my heart to realize we almost questioned the pristine intentions of this one true heroine.

We now understand that American families have censored much to thank for. There has never been a kinder heart and a more altruistic soul walking this earth and only in her modesty to have her name removed do we recognize the true saint censored actually is.

I have promptly removed censored name from all posts made on this website, removed all mentioning of censored, the company she still owns and even removed censored alias censored, which she uses to do her formidable charitable work in anonymity.

With the strongest admiration for this formidable woman I urge all posters on Pound Pup Legacy never to use the name of censored ever again, or else I will personally censor it.

Hail censored and God bless Russia America


Are You Being Served?

Gosh. anybody can be a graphic designer or a web master or a lawyer these days. 

In fact., you can go from baby trading to law. 
I guess if you've been criminally investigated a few times, you learn the ropes.

Send This OUR Way


Do you have an electronic or hard copy of this from censored (aka censored/censored)?  If you do PLEASE SEND IT OUR WAY and we will PUBLISH IT WITH FULL HEADERS ON OUR WEBSITE.

You see, censored and her Xhusband Serg Zasyatkin AT NO TIME send us such a letter.  Ever.  We have separate webpages on our site devoted to both Serg AND censored.  Our webpages detail the Zasyatkin & censored business structures, from Amrex, censored, Intercountry Adoption Congress, Genesis Adoptions and Hague Software Systems.  Even Lil Zasyatkin Dmitri is in the game now with his SAM adoption software (redolent of the GAIN software Serg used).

I'm willing to post censored email/letter to you on our site UNCENSORED.

What do you say?

Elizabeth Case

re: Send this OUR Way

I'd say, you've been censored.

Thanks E.

Pound Pup Legacy