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August 19, 2008 "I'm talking about my experiences with the Holding Therapy (after the methods of Jirina Prekop) who my mother did with me every day since I was 3 years old until I was 5. Sometimes even for several hours a day." [Note what Holding Therapy did to the relationship she has with her mother.]


i wanted to add that this

i wanted to add that this woman is transcendently beautiful. 

time and time again the victim exhibits so much compassion for humanity and grace.
the rest of the world is a fetid, sordid cesspool in comparison.

"Holding" is not as sweet as it sounds

Dr. phil. Jirina PREKOP was born in 1929 and grew up in Moravia (the former CSR). She studied philosophy, psychology and pedagogics.

In 1970, after the collapse of the Prague Spring, she took refuge in the Federal Republic of Germany. She worked at the Olgahospital in Stuttgart, mainly in the range of developmental disorders, until her retirement. Due of her interest in autism, she took over Holding Therapy from Martha Welch (USA) under the personal scientific consultation of Nobel prize winner Niko Tinbergen (Oxford). She then linked this with the systemic approach of Bert Hellinger and developed it in her own terms into a medium for renewing love in the context of family bonds. She has written numerous professional articles and books, some of which (like e.g. her bestseller The Petty Tyrant) have been translated into17 languages. Together with Bert Hellinger, she published the book If You Knew, How Much I Love You. She is the first chairwoman of a friendly society that works to foster Holding as a therapy and way of life and is the head of an international training institute for Holding therapists. Other institutes, as well as a training centre in the Czech Republic, have been founded in her name (e.g. in Mexico City).

Jirina Pekop is very engaged in travelling and gives lectures and workshops all over the world (e.g. Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, etc.). Here, you can find a summary concerning two different workshops held by her.

Unfortunately, she does not speak English and therefore requires an interpreter (German or Czech).
From:  "Holding therapy according to Jirina Prekop",

Interestingly, on the bottom of her "About" page, in parentheses, you will find the following instruction:  "(Please bring suitable clothing, a blanket and a small pillow.)"

Back in the states, we have people like Dr. Ronald S Federici, (an adoptive parent), making the following statements on adoption websites:

"Traumatized children may need certain types of holding therapy to contain aggressive urges, but the majority has to be done in a reconstructive family modality. The entire thought of rebirthing, which was done to Candace Newmaker, was both bizarre, psychotic on the part of the therapist, and further traumatizing to the child while she was alive and before she met a most gruesome death according to the coroner. People who practice this type of treatment are often unlicensed and untrained, but make a lot of money by enticing the most needy and desperate families."  [From:]

Meanwhile, note what Federici recommends doing with a small pillow:

If a pillow, jacket, or towel is available, place it under the child’s face because it is very important for the child to lie face down during the therapeutic hold to prevent spitting, biting or direct eye contact. It is often overwhelming and guilt-inducing for the parents when direct eye contact occurs with the child. In order to avoid the tendency to abandon the holding time technique, make sure the child is lying face down.
   While one of you jockeys your weight over the child’s buttocks and lower legs (thus straddling the child), the other parent lies across the child’s upper torso and pins the child’s arms down by the sides of the body … — Help for the Hopeless Child (Alexandria, Virginia: author, 2nd ed., 2003), p. 112 [From:  ACT, "In His Own Words - Ronal Federici",]

Perhaps most disturbing to me is how desperate foster/adoptive parents are, and this seems to be the sort of therapy/treatment that reads best to them.

I have yet to read within any of the pages linked, any mention of brain imaging studies being taken and reviewed as part of the diagnostic-testing process done on those who require treatment.  I'll be honest, as a parent, if my child's arm looked broken, I'd like to see the x-ray that shows the damage before I decide if I'm going to lay on my child's arm (for hours at a time), or not.  You'd also have me asking questions like:  How else can this be "fixed" or "stabilized"?  and, "How long have you been doing this, because I'd like to talk with those who can tell me about their own treatment experiences".  [I know, I'm really goofy that way ....I like second opinions from many different sources.] 

Now, as luck would have it, Federici DOES have a testimonial page, which I read quickly.  [It can be found here:]  I especially liked the first one... this describes "a day of thorough testing", where a "difficult and hopeless" child sits through 10 hours of testing, which included 34 tests, a diagnostic interview, and then he (Federici) reviewed seven years of reports written on this child.  A 37 page report was sent three weeks later to the parent, but it needed revision because the parent noticed a "few inaccuracies".

My point is simple... as a parent, I would what to know WHY my child was behaving a certain way, WHAT was causing it, IF there was something medical/physical causing the behavior problems, and HOW it could be fixed, helped or managed.   I would also like to see before and after cases, so my decision would be an educated one, and not one made out of sheer desperation.  If people like Federici were trained medical professionals, or affiliated with neurologists familiar with fMRI's (and other similar brain function tests/technology), I'd feel more comfortable knowing these holding theories were based on proven facts, and not trendy fashion.

After watching this video, and after reading many letters from those who have been hurt by this holding technique, I really have to wonder what's going on in the minds of people who think force and restraint will bring forth feelings of love and respect?  I especially find it concerning how adoption websites and adoptive parents have rallied around therapists who believe force will bring forth bonding.

It's all about control...

What I have experienced with therapists is a total need for control; their way or you must take the highway.  I
chose the highway after seeing and experiencing the controlling chit that went on.  Textbooks are their bibles!  NO child/adult is a carbon copy of another and can not be treated in such a way with success.  Basics of talking do help most people, but
to savagely attack a child and call it therapy is insane.
If someone were to hold me down and call it love, I'd call it rape! 

"I can be changed by what happens to me, I refuse to be reduced by it." M.A.
 One Step Up From Bottom

BBC - Should Federici's treatment be applied?

The BBC broadcasted a documentary on Federici' s controversial treatment:

The film follows two families, one British and one American, as they start to implement the treatment programme under supervision of Dr Federici himself. For at least a month, each child must stay within three feet of their parents 24 hours a day. They have to be totally compliant to whatever their parents want, and if they refuse to obey they are forced down to the floor and held there. Their bedrooms are stripped bare. They are allowed no life of their own. They are never left alone; they are not allowed to play with or see friends. Through a gradual process of reward and punishment the child will eventually be reintroduced to their toys, their peers and the outside world. The treatment can last for months.

At the end of this controversial regime the child's mind should have been literally re-programmed. Dr Federici claims this is the only way the child can progress to developing normal emotions. His critics believe this process may be damaging. But now, thousands of American families have been recommended by word of mouth to do the programme. The question is, does the treatment work and should it be applied?

The transcript of the programme can be read here  (not nice reading)

Correct me if I'm wrong...

Did I read correctly?:

 Dr Ron Federici is an American neuro-psychologist who has devised a treatment plan for even the most extreme cases of conduct-disordered children. He claims it is suitable no matter whether their behaviour lies in neurological or psychological problems. Dr Federici believes that his treatment guarantees two things. Firstly that there will be an 80% rate of improvement in most children. Secondly, that neither the parents nor the children will find it easy.   [From BBC's "Taming the problem child",]

So in addition to "Holding Techniques", Federici adds the fun-twist  of "withholding" to those who have already lost everything they once knew.

Why bother taking an orphan home... why not  just adopt a child, and send the problem-child immediately to a private prison?  At least in an institution, the child can sit among his own ilk in an unfurnished cell and share stories about the traveling experience, that is, assuming the child wasn't medicated the whole time, making the traveling much easier on the new-parents.


Oh wait... isn't that what Federici is trying to prevent:  Institutional Autism?


Meanwhile, someone sent me the following in a private letter, asking if I would share it with others:


  • [The girl] needed a strong male role model. That's why she was acting out so much. … You know why she liked me? The first time she wouldn't come in. I dragged her in my office.  — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • More often than not, the child will resist. At this point, one parent … applies gentle but firm pressure on the shoulder in a small "pinch" manner. (Remember Mr. Spock's famous Vulcan shoulder grip from Star Trek? Think of this.) … Next, you instruct the child to go to his or her knees and ultimately lie face down on the floor …Help for the Hopeless Child (2003), p. 110, detailing Federici's infamous "Take-Down Method"
  • You've got to be more manipulative than the kid. The best approach. — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • [She] was cussing at me in Russian. I said, "Listen. You think that's bad, hear this." And I gave her a dose of her own medicine. — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • [Tell] him he's going to stay longer and you're never going to relinquish rights. You're just going to keep him, declare him disabled and keep him home until he's 50. — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • Forget school. If they never read, who cares. As long as their language improves. — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • I'm a very manipulative person. The kids in my office that do this kind of crazy stuff. I always have a bag of popcorn. And so the kid is starting a tirade. I'm eating the popcorn. Popcorn. Yeah. They're on saying, "What are you doing?" And I say, "I'm eating popcorn." "Why's that?" "This is just like watching a science fiction movie." — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • You know, a lot of my kids say, "Damn it, Pop, I want to go live somewhere else." And I said, "Why is that, Bill?" "It's not as bad as here." "That's all the reason why you're staying here, because this is where your home is. I'm not sending you out to any program, any treatment. You're not getting respite care." You know, my wife was an angel. She stayed at home, and I tell you, she was meaner than I could ever be. Because, you know what? She was consistent. Blindly consistent. — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)
  • From Russia. He's nine years old. Through a summer camp program. What are the chances of him having Attachment Disorder? I said, "One hundred percent. One hundred percent." — "…Treating Multi-Impaired Attachment Disorders" (2004)

With therapists and treatments like that, who needs police?

Spock what Spock?

Apart from being cruel, paternalistic, manipulative towards children, Federici is also a sleaze here. I bet when people read: Remember Mr. Spock's famous Vulcan shoulder grip from Star Trek? Think of this. many of them will think of Dr. Spock instead of Mr. Spock, lending credibility to the rubbish he publishes.

[Throwing popcorn]

Either way, Federici scares me more than any science fiction movie.  The damage he is causing is real, in ways I think very few are willing, (or daring enough), to imagine.  After all, it's not just that he sells his own practice to those who are very desperate... but his books and ideas are promoted on so many adoption websites, making it look as if all these adoption groups/agencies endorse his appeal to adopt and treat these children, using HIS methods.

Shouldn't this concern people?




To All My Past, Current And New Families Around The World

I am asking ALL who have read my WEBSITE, and prior to going any further in

“Internet-Google-Yahoo Research” regarding my name and professional skills read these

very important pages below. It will set your mind at ease, and give a real education about

the wonderful “truths” of the Internet. Remember, Internet is 100% true!!

As most of you know, my name is Dr. Ronald Federici, Board-Certified Developmental

Neuropsychologist/Clinical PsychoPharmacologist and Specialist in complex cases of

Domestic/International Adoptions. I have dedicated my career to children with significant

neurodevelopmental disabilities. I have been an International Expert in the field for

twenty-six (26) years and hold multiple Degrees and Board Certifications which are ALL

posted in my office and are well-known and validated by my State and National Licensing

Agencies , and available to ALL if my Expert Colleagues and patients. My multiple

degrees, licenses and Board Certifications are the by-product of a lifetime of hard work

and dedication to children and families in need.

I am writing this commentary which has a “direct link” from my website as I have been

designated an “International Public Figure” following a recent Federal Court Hearing by

the Honorable Judge Bruce Lee ( Eastern Federal District ). In my petition to the courts , I

attempted to put an immediate halt to fraudulent internet postings regarding myself, my

family, professional career, credentials and clinical practice which have been made by a

group of social and professional “misfits”, who operate a fringe advocacy group with a

“mission” to discredit many well respected experts in the field of Child Development.

Their motives remain a mystery, aside form emulating the infamous “National Enquirer”

or equally slanderous and outrageous publications which “target” Public Figures.

Remember, people with “ no lives, no qualifications, no job, no ethics, and no moral

character are typically the first to slander and make false and hurtful statements. Their

agenda is hatred vs free speech.

According to the Federal Court hearing which transpired on March 5, 2011, the Presiding

Judge designated myself and everyone in my “Expert” category as “Public Figures” who

have no choice but to endure the hardships of worldwide jurisdiction of Internet postingswhether

they be fact, fiction , slander or outright bizarre allegations. Again, the Internet

and National Inquirer have no limits to what they can publish about a “Public Figure”.

Sad, but true. Just think about all the bizarre “stories” you may have read on the “Net?”

It seems that, following my 26 years of exemplary Clinical Practice ( without any type of national or

international complaint, malpractice suit or question regarding my professional credentials and

abilities ), there has emerged a “ coalition of individuals” who have found it their “ life mission “ to

target both myself as well as many of the other “international experts” in child development-adoption

and trauma medicine. All of these outstanding professional colleagues such as Dr. Gregory Keck,

Heather Forbes, Nancy Thomas, Dr. Daniel Hughes, Dr. David Ziegler, Dr. Arthur Becker -

Wiedeman and a host of others have been subject to the same vicious, malicious and fraudulent

attacks by this same set of individuals who consider themselves to be “above the law”. Tragic as it

may sound, these non-credentialed, non-clinicians, and unemployed individuals spend their days and

nights writing the most slanderous and fraudulent posts on the Internet without a single “legal filter”,

due to the First Amendment, and , more importantly, the right to freely criticize and disparage a

“Public Figure”. Reality or fact does not matter here. Again, the “National Inquirer Mentality”


So here are the “Cast of Characters” that you may read about, or who have targeted me or others out

of pure malice, vindictiveness, professional jealousy or just because they have too much spare time.

MIND YOU, I KNOW NOT ONE OF THEM, nor have I ever dealt with in any professional or

personal forum!! They are not in my league of morality or professionalism. They live in the following

“worlds” or delusions:


Dr. Monica Pignotti dropped out of college to join the Church of Scientology. She rose

to the highest levels of Scientology “processing” including the notorious “OT3” which

teaches that Earth was used by the galactic warlord “Xenu” to murder alien spirits by

dropping atom bombs on volcanoes.

While in Scientology, Pignotti became involved with Quentin Hubbard, son of

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. She now claims to be a “cult expert”.

Pignotti tired of Scientology and became a practitioner of “Thought Field Therapy”

which is an unproven technique developed by Roger Callahan. “Thought Field

Therapy” has a more advanced level called “Voice Technology” where conditions are

diagnosed over the phone. The “cures” consist of tapping the body in various

proprietary ways.

Ms. Pignotti has earned a Ph.D. in social work from Florida State University, but her

actual practice-working with patients or clients-has been quite limited (it would seem

she abandoned any kind of practice when she stopped doing “Thought Field Therapy”.

Instead, she sees herself as a “professional critic” and spends most of her time attacking


I have never met Dr. Pignotti. I have invited her to my clinic to observe my work, and

she has not accepted my invitation. Instead, she prefers to attack me on the Internet.

Page Three

Dr. Pignotti is associated with the “Advocates for Children in Therapy Group” in

Colorado as well as Charly D. Miller of Nebraska and Jean Mercer.

How and why she found me out is beyond belief but it is very clear that she is still in the

middle of her cult-scientology-mentality and an individual who makes absolutely no

common sense in this world we live in.

Her “blogs” are filled with lies, fabrications and malicious content. Why? Because she

has never left the “ cult “ way of thinking which is to criticize anyone to “ elevate” your

own delusional beliefs that you are, in some way, “superior”. We wish her well on her

next trip on “Spaceship Apollo”.

2. Jean Mercer holds a Ph.D. in academic psychology and is also a critic. She taught for

20-some years at a small university in New Jersey and has written books about child

development but has never (and I mean never) evaluated or treated a patient as she is

not eligible for any type of clinical license in any state or province. Furthermore, Ms.

Mercer finds it comical to criticize the top-ranking people in the field of adoption

medicine and child development by writing all types of books and bizarre articles about

“restraint therapy” without ever dealing with a violent or out-of-control child. She was

an author for Psychology Today who found it appropriate to fire her immediately as

she did not follow instructions and directions following another court hearing when she

continued to mention my name and was insolent when told that she had to cease and

desist immediately.

Furthermore, Ms. Mercer never lectures in any capacity and is apparently now retired

but finds it to be appropriate, along with her “colleague” Monica Pignotti, to criticize

every professional in the field whom they have never met. Once again, it appears to be

a cult-like mentality.

3. Larry Sarner of Loveland, CO holds bachelor’s degrees in political science and


He is not a medical professional, and his qualifications to evaluate therapeutic methods

are questionable at best.

Sarner is described as a mathematician, inventor, and cryptographer. His only

“invention” seems to be a design for voting machines. In the 1980s, Sarner raised

millions of dollars through loans and investments to develop these machines. The

machines, unfortunately, did not work.

The result was litigation. Sarner ended up in bankruptcy. One of his former supporters

was Peter Paul Luce, son of Time Magazine founder Henry Luce. Another was

esteemed Denver politician Vern Bickel. Sarner never repaid either one of them.

Page Four

Sarner appealed a court decision against him and claimed that a judge had conspired to

take his property. The court did not even bother to hear this argument!

It is not clear what Mr. Sarner has done since then, except to criticize things he does not

understand. I have never met him, but I have invited him to come and observe my

work, which he seems to believe is dangerous. He has not accepted my invitation. If he

did, he would see that I do nothing wrong, and that I work with many families who

thank me for the progress made with their children.

Larry Sarner, incidentally, is a senior figure in “Advocates for Children in Therapy”

which is operated from his home in Loveland, CO. In this context, Sarner has been

described as a “legislative aide” even though no one is willing to name the legislator for

whom Sarner has allegedly worked.

Advocates for Children in Therapy (ACT) is a very bizarre and unusual organization

run by Larry Sarner and her nurse wife, Linda Rosa. Once again, both of these

individuals have never met myself and have never held any type of clinical practice but

find it comical to put up websites disparaging professionals such as myself and my

colleagues as well as attacking professional publications, credentials, family members

and even going as far as to make fraudulent statements on their websites. While they

hold to “freedom of speech”, they are no different than writers for the National


Larry Sarner’s wife , Linda Rosa, spent her unemployed days performing

“experiments” on her own daughter. Both very unusual people. Please get a real job!

Larry Sarner, Linda Rosa, Monica Pignotti are all part of the same fringe group

“ACT”, and feel they are above the law. They have no morals and find it comical to

violate copyright law. More cult-like thinking and behaviors. Maybe they will assume

editorial positions at the National Inquirer?

4. Charlie Miller is one of the most unique and outrageous individuals who writes

incredible web articles about my performing some type of “asphyxial therapy” and

involved in killing children. Charlie Miller is a known alcoholic, drug addict and

claims to be an emergency medical technician but she was fired for being intoxicated on

her job and holds no job or license at this time in any type of medical field or child

development. I have the court records for all to read.

Additionally, Charlie Miller was recently found guilty in Texas for writing fraudulent

material regarding a prominent doctor and was appropriately sanctioned by the court

and fined. She writes the most bizarre material which is unbelievable on her website

Page Five

and is no different than the rest of her colleagues (Pignotti, Mercer, Sarner and Rosa).

She makes claims of murder, death and child abuse about myself and many of my

colleagues which have the same bizarre content as authors of the infamous National


Charlie Miller’s current occupation is that of being unemployed and being part of a

“Coven of Wenches Guild” which is a group of individuals who have nothing to do but

dress up as witches and individuals from the past, much like what one has seen at a

Renaissance Fair. This is her prime occupation.

5. Interestingly, all of these individuals have also recently affiliated with a very bizarre

individual who lives in Lebanon and has been tied to Hamas. He is under FBI scrutiny.

Daniel Ibyn Zaid has chimed in with these other cult-like individuals and bizarre

authors and finds it comical to insult anybody that he finds to be a public figure as he

has her own adoption issues and is a quite bizarre and clearly mentally maladjusted


It is not surprising whatsoever that all of these individuals have “come together” and

developed their own “attack forum” on multiple websites that you will read about

which include both my name as well as

many of the other prominent adoption-trauma experts in the United States who also

have an exemplary record.


With all of these factors in mind, I wanted to make this very direct and honest statement prior to your

reading any of the garbage and rubbish on any of the future websites by these cult-like individuals

who have nothing better to do with their lives but attack and attempt to interfere with the

professionalism and business practices of both myself, Dr. Ronald Federici, and multiple colleagues

across the country.

All of us believe that they are still in their cult-like mentality, unemployed, mentally unstable at

multiple levels and have probably all worked for the National Enquirer or should get a job there as

their writing certainly “fits the picture”.

Should any of you have any questions regarding the veracity of this letter and my overall

INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL LIFE, credentials, qualifications and treatment

approaches, I urge you to contact me directly any time of the day or night at (703) 830-6052 or write

me an email directly at . I will respond to you directly by email or by phone and

Page Six

I will personally make certain that you have every shred of “positive evidence” that every degree,

credential, board certification, professional training, education and treatment program I have is valid

and reliable, completely safe and has absolutely and unequivocally nothing to do with “attachment

therapy” or other “crimes against humanity” these bizarre individuals have claimed in their web

pages. Everything I do professionally and personally is moral and ethical, and , in no way, hurtful to

any child. I would NOT be so successful and in practice if I did hurt a child.

If these cult-like individuals had any common sense at all, they would have realized that I have been a

staunch supporter for children’s rights across the world. It is for these reasons, the Federal Judge

designated me an “International Public Figure” who has to handle the bizarre people of the world

who will attack on any level under the First Amendment, particularly for public figures who typically

do not have much recourse, aside from to write disclaimers such as this one you are reading.

So, in conclusion, I have not tortured, killed, starved, re-birthed, controlled, hurt, bankrupted or

done anything wrong or unethical in my personal or professional life, aside from a traffic ticket. I am

not defending my position from these “critics” and unusual individuals. I am merely stating the true

and unequivocal facts of my life and this outrageous situation and personal/professional attacks

without merit/foundation or reality.

Again, I welcome any of your comments or questions directly without hesitation.

Dr. Ronald S. Federici, Neuropsychologist (And all around honest and decent guy

aw shit he left me out

I feel unappreciated.....



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