Lakew Gebeyehu's activities


Australian States and Territories appointed Ato Lakew Gebeyehu in Addis Ababa as the Australian representative to represent them and Australian families in tasks associated with completion of the adoption process in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia there is a unique arrangement with Lakew as sole representative, acting on behalf of government. This does not exist with the intercountry adoption programs between

Ethiopia and other countries, which operated through NGO’s. Other intercountry adoption programs, which Australia participates in, operate either directly with government in the overseas country or through and NGO registered in that country.

Lakew acts as a representative of the Australian governments, as well as the coordinating point for AACASA aid and sponsorship activities in Ethiopia. He also carries the Power of Attorney for Australian parents in the adoption process in Ethiopia. He and his wife Misrak manage Koala Centre which is where the children are usually cared for after their allocation to an Australian adopter.

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