Faith Children's Home, Ethiopia

Children of Africa's, Faith Children's Home is located at Woreda 28, Kebele 2, House # 452, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The actual structural building is currently under construction but about 90% complete. Upon completion, the home will be equipped with a full kitchen, and bathrooms with indoor plumbing. Faith Children's Home will be able to accommodate 15-20 orphans and 3 full-time staff members. The home will provide both permanent and transitional housing for orphans. Faith Children's Home will also provide temporary housing for orphans from other regions of Ethiopia who are scheduled for adoption. Faith Children's Home is currently in need of permanent sponsors. Up to this point, the project has not received any grants, subsidies, or donations of any kind. Once the orphanage opens, the children will be in need of sponsors. There are thousands of children who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS and other natural causes. We have made a commitment to make a difference in these youngsters lives. Our mission will only be successful when you support us. Please help us help these children! It is important we open our doors to these orphans now! We need your support and donations. Please send your donations to:

Faith Children's Home

P.O. Box 32801
St. Louis, MO. 63132 Phone:  314-692-2631  or  806-544-2382

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Children of African EnterprisesFoundedFaith Children's Home, Ethiopia
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Woreda 28, Kebele 2
Addis Abeba, Addis Abeba

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