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Nancy Verrier is the author of the Primal Wound. The mother of an adopted daughter and a biological daughter, Verrier's groundbreaking book changed the way we think about the far-reaching consequences of adoption. [This first part includes discussion about trauma, family identity, birth certificicates/birth records, rejection and abandonment] Part 2 can be found here: Part 3 can be found here:


La blessure primitive.

I have read the book of Nancy Newton-Verrier in french  "L'enfant adopté. Comprendre la blessure primitive".
It was translated by a belgian doctor Francoise Hallet.

An excellent book that helps us to understand many things.
I highly recommend reading the book

Martes foina

reading the wound

I read the Primal Wound too, several years ago and while it is certainly a valuable book, it didn't really tell me something I didn't already know. At the time I read quite a lot of books about adoption and the only one that really made an impression was a Dutch book by Greetje van Egmond, called Bodemloos bestaan (bottomless existance), which is written by a Dutch adoptive mother and describes in chronological order the struggles she experienced with her adopted daughter from Colombia. While reading the book I found myself yelling at the author you dumb fuck, stupid bitch... As an adoptee I could so much understand what the girl wa going through and how the actions of the adoptive mother were ineffective and often only contributing to the situation. Reading that book was important to me, because it made me understand better what I already knew, but didn't really had put into words for myself.

After that experience the Primal Wound didn't do all that much for me. I already had read books on child development and that combined with my own adoption experience, Nancy Verrier wasn't able to surprise me with anything she said.

I know her book is controversial, especially among adoptees. I believe it is widely read and appreciated by adoptive parents, but it finds a lot of resistance among adoptees. It is mostly found to be stigmatizing, because the book assumes that all adoptees have a primal wound. Some adoptees claim to have not a single problem usually attributed to the primal wound and feel they are pushed to admit they have problems they don't feel they have.

not much

not much of a reader anymore, especially of psychology.

i have only read one adoption book thus far, "outsiders within"  which is an anthology of narratives with an excellent, excellent introduction on transracial adoption by the editors. 
i think child psychology reading, in general, has never told me anything i didn't already know.
i think whoever has to read those to figure out children is just basically a dumb fuck in the first place. 

Language of blood

I have not read Outsiders Within, but one of it´s authors wrote Language of Blood - Jane trenka. It was my birthday present last year for all my friends... I can really recommend it.

that was a little harsh

but still...

child psychology is all a matter of walking in their shoes, which is something anyone can do, if they just stop and think for two seconds.

had some nice conversations with Jane.  thoughtful, intelligent woman and i look forward to reading it soon.


Did anyone else feel like Primal Wound put the problems and responsibility of trauma onto the child? As if its "our" fault?

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