Playing From Russia, For Love

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March 2000
What happens when two Western couples adopt Russian orphans? How will the children cope in their new homes and will they be able to reconcile feelings for their new families with loyalty towards the kin they have left behind? This moving documentary follows Kira and Lara through their first three years in Canada. Initially, both girls are eager to leave the orphanage but they soon find that it's not so easy to leave their pasts behind.

[Olga's name is changed to "Kira" by her Canadian parents, because the name-change will help avoid teasing done at school. Lara gets to keep her first name.

Note the looks on the faces of the children living in the Russian orphanage when they are told, "This is your mother and father", and "You look like the mother" .

Now imagine going back "home" with these new strangers, where the only words you know are names of animals.]


yeah, journeymans' great. 

yeah, journeymans' great. 

i think i mentioned them back when i first showed up here. 
it's interesting to me the contrast of adoptive parent personalities and children.

if i'd bet odds on the families, i would have gotten it all wrong. 
a 7-up like regular follow-up would be interesting, as i still left the film feeling unsettled...

Words, and the power of public funding

Right around the 2 minute mark within the video, Clare, the Amother to three children says she read an article in a newspaper about the orphanages in Russia, and that's what sparked her interest in adopting one more, from Russia.

Had that article been about a Children's Home that needed financial sponsorship, would she have chosen to help those same children in another country?

In fact, how many would agree to help sponsor/support children if it meant only a letter of thanks and a yearly picture of the child being helped with another person's money?

screw that

screw people - why do they have to have a picture of the child they're helping?
can't people just give without having to own something?

sorry - got my dander up

anyway, yeah, that would be a better way to help children. 
but the ownership thing always gets to me.

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