Tatyana Mitrohina (Gann)

Tatyana Mitrohina (МИТРОХИНА ТАТЬЯНА ЮРЬЕВНА) aka Tatyana Gann was born in 1978 in Moscow Russia with deformities on her hands and feet that she says her parents could not accept. After stays in various public institutions, she was put up for adoption at 14.

She was adopted by a couple in Sonoma County, California, but had a hard transition to life in the United States. Her adoptive parents applied for her to receive citizenship, but bureaucratic delays and legal missteps left Mitrohina without it.

In 2005, the prenatal clinic where she’d been receiving care diagnosed Mitrohina with postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her troubled childhood.

She was arrested in June 2007 for abusing her son. Her child was temporarily put in foster care, and the Family Court in Sonoma County agreed that it would be in the child’s best interest to return home if Mitrohina completed a short jail sentence and six-month probation. The terms of her probation required that she enroll in parenting and anger-management classes, seek counseling and begin a course of medications to manage her depression.

Two days after Mitrohina’s sentencing, she found that ICE had put a hold on her record. ICE detainer prohibited her from completing her probation to regain custody of her son.

She was deported to Russia.
Her son was placed with an adoptive family.
She is believed to be living in a homeless shelter in Moscow

Home state: California

Country of origin: Russian Federation


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