Man pleads guilty to lesser child abuse charge

Date: 2007-10-09

Man pleads guilty to lesser child abuse charge

October 9, 2007
Katie Allison Granju

A man charged with child abuse against his adopted children pleaded guilty to lesser charges on Tuesday so his wife would go free.

Aaron and Linda Mann appeared in Scott County court, where Aaron Mann admitted to aggravated assault. He had originally been charged with aggravated child abuse, but agreed to plead guilty to the less serious charge in exchange for charges being dropped against Linda Mann.

Aaron Mann was sentenced to two and one-half years probation, and six months of monitored house arrest.

The Manns were arrested on charges of abusing their 13 year old adopted daughter and their four adopted sons.



this really ticks me off. he got 6 months house arrest and 1.5 years probation for all that he did to me and my brothers

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