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ok I want to write so much in a discussion and up for questions but I feel really guilty that I haven't read very many of your posts and ...ok so I'm gonna make a point to do that and see if I can answer any of your questions. I promise!!

I wanted to write to say thanks for all your help before and everything because everything has been going pretty well lately. I'm involved in this seminar so that kinda helps...and I know you guys mentioned addicts before?? or did you??? and I actually sometimes go to aa...and if not just for the support..blah blah blah.

Well, I was wondering if you have had any problems with bosses-with treating them as if they were your parents or reenacting the relationship with them as similar?????

Ah I feel like I had so many more things to write but I don't remember now. I will write again in a bit.



I guess I am one the biggest sores in the butt any of my bosses has ever had, totally uncontrolable, obsessively hard working at times, but mostly slacking and always in late. In that sense I am a nightmare of an employee. I guess my relationships with bosses very much reflects the rebellion I never really had towards my parents. The fact I'm a nightmare of an employee does not necessarily mean I am a disliked employee and I can't say I disliked many of the bosses I've had. It just means I refuse to be controlled, which in a working environment is not always appreciated. When no-one asserts control over me, I tend to drift away. So for a boss it's very much a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.


I'm looking back at my working-years, and I can  think of only two jobs I HATED (and quit within a few weeks) -- one was at a grocery store, the other was at a bank.   I quickly learned I have to be able to work at my own pace and do my own-thing within the confines of my work-ability.  It just so happens I was born a slave to success, so most bosses loved/hated me because I would do a job far beyond expectation.... I just wouldn't follow the entire list of rules kept by an employer.  "By-the-book" people scare me because there is no room for discussion or compromise. 

Perhaps that's the difference between a job and a career:  I don't want to do anything that keeps me stagnant in one position.  I need freedom to move and grow, (proving my own natural talents and abilities), so if I find myself feeling stuck in a position I really don't like, I will find a way to leave, immediately.

my second dad

was my boss -

he gave me, metaphorically, all the keys to his business and i was on the path to being his partner.
but he was twice as hard on me and controlling in every way - down to the WAY in which i said 'hello' in the morning.

one morning i came into work and there was an email waiting for me from him yelling at me over some minor, minor thing.
it was sent twelve times.

i immediately put all my things in a box and left without notice. 

years later i apologized to him and explained to him how i loved the opportunities and faith he put in me, but that the pressure of being his daughter was too much.
i wish i had done that before i left.

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