Omens: How Masha became a supporting actress in the Faith Allen show

It was little over a month ago, I still believed Masha Allen was probably well taken care of, after her ordeal with Matthew Mancuso. Call me stupid, call me naive, but I believed the Allegheny County Department of Human Services would certainly in a case like Masha's, take all precautions possible to make sure her second placement would be done right, if not for Masha's interest (which it should be), then at least for their own sake.  

Much to my surprise I found an entry on James Marsh' blog on June 17, containing just a single link pointing to an article called One Child's Unending Abuse - From Disney World Girl to Drifter, which reveals a claim made by James Marsh against several Pennsylvanian organizations and individuals responsible for the Masha's second placement. In Masha Allen betrayed again, I go in more detail about that claim.

Yesterday, July 24, James Marsh created a special section on his blog under the eery title omens:

Starting today I will begin posting noteworthy harbingers with the hope that readers will consider this from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: "we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." I will refer to these tidbits as omens; something either good or evil that is believed to foretell the future.

What follows is a collection of publicly available material that could be seen as red flags in Masha's adoption by Faith Allen/Lynn Ginn/ Kimberly Murphy or any of the other names Masha's adoptive mother goes by. Faith Allen is been described as mentally unstable and deemed unfit to adopt or foster children, yet with the help of Judge Cheryl Allen, with whom Faith had lived for some time and in whose honour she had her name changed, was able to adopt Masha Allen, without having FBI clearance, without a complete and competent home study and despite three abuse allegations against her.

Most revealing is Omen 22, which goes as follows:

"Of course I remember Maria Mancuso. Like it was yesterday."

"Lynn and Judge Allen have a personal relationship. They were friends. You'd think there was a conflict of interest."

"I had monthly contact with Lynn, although she was always in our office. She was always worried about things, constantly in our office, always wondering if she was doing things right."

"There were allegations of abuse - there were kids removed from Lynn - two girls. When Masha was placed there Lynn was under supervision for the abuse of another child and should not have been on the placement list at all."

"Prior to the adoption, Masha was getting spoiled by Lynn emotionally and physically. I did not agree with the adoption. I did not agree with Lynn being a foster parent. She was supposed to be dropped as a foster parent before Masha and she was not which I disagreed with. I'm trying to figure out how she became a foster parent at all."

"I don't think that when it came to a sexually abused child . . . she claimed she was sexually abused herself and I don't think this was a good situation for a child like Masha who was sexually abused."

"We did not know where Lynn came from or what her background was. Lynn said the home of her foster parents was Georgia. We often questioned where she came from and what was the name of her foster parents. We never got a straight answer. Lynn always changed her name - her name always came up different."

"Lynn said she was sexually abused by her foster parents - but we didn't know who or where."

"Masha was supposed to be with Lynn Ginn on a temporary basis. Suddenly it was all over the news. Lynn enjoyed the media publicity and having this special child. She got in good with CYF and the people in charge and they thought it was a good home. They pushed the adoption, pushed it as a good home and wanted it to happen. They agreed and made it happen fast."

"My supervisor thought Lynn was a lawsuit waiting to happen and wanted her and Masha's case out of our agency ASAP."

"I always questioned that Lynn did not work. Our policy was that you had to have a job in order to raise a child. She was always available during the day and she was supposed to have a job."

"Lynn said a lot of things - we knew she was a liar. We never took anything she said to heart. She brought Judge Allen up frequently. Talked about dinner and going over to her house. Lynn said Judge Allen would speed things up and do what she wanted to make the adoption happen. That she was going to change her name to Allen and everything."

Nicole Iole
December 13, 2006
Telephone Interview

Meanwhile Masha still lives with Faith Allen, in Georgia. According to the claim made by James Marsh, she has moved five times since 2003 and attended five different schools. She has received little or no mental health treatment and her basic medical needs have been neglected. Masha is said to have an overcompliance to authority figures and having a  a very difficult time with self expression and assertiveness.

When reading up on all the Omens, it can't but excape me that Masha is again playing a role in someone elses show, this time not as graphic and brutal as when living with Matthew Mancuso, but none the less damaging.



I remember Masha's story very well and Faith even posted on a popular russian adoption forum, updating on Masha's progress at the time.

makes me sick, what is happening to her.  Is the state of Georgia, following up on this?

My heart goes out to her.

Under the lid

I don't know if the State of Georgia has picked up on this yet and as long as Faith Allen is not guilty of criminal activities we will probably never know, thanks to a closed court system, unless Masha at some point chooses to uses the complaint James Marsh has filed on her behalf. She has till the age of 21 to do so. Although James Marsh no longer represents Masha, he still monitors her case as much as he can and will certainly keep us informed about any developments.

I checked on FRUA to see if there were any posts from Faith Allen, but couldn't find any. Either they are no longer accessible, or you referered to a another popular adoption forum.

It was FRUA, I looked today

It was FRUA, I looked today and the name she used to post under is no where to be found. Youcan find the discussion threads with missing pieces that were her posts, I believe the last was 2007. James Marsh's posts are still on there though.

the state of Ga investigated

the state of Ga investigated and found nothing as there is nothing to pick up on however there are ppl looking into marsh has he has made numerous false allegations about FAith Allen and masha and Faith just want to move on. of course the public and marsh will not allow them to move on because MArsh's made up lies and unproven accusations are standing to the public, guess the public likes to hear lies. no one bothered to look further into it. the FBI put a stop to Marsh thats why he shut up his lies finally

Wow nicole really knows how

Wow nicole really knows how to lie. FUN was very much aware of my background and where i came from in fact my foster parents were listed as refrences on my foster parent application on file with FUN. Masha to this day claims no abuse. MArsh claims all of the abuse allegations because i demanded the media circus stop and he did nto like that very much. I DID HAVE AN FBI CLEARANCE done and it is on file. Judge Allen in no way sped up the adoption in fact she could not be involved at all during the process I only requested Judge Allen to do the adoption but i had to get approval. The state did allow Judge allen to complete the adoption but only after the termination from a different judge.

Nasha is not being abused and will admit to that. Masha has also been in counseling from day 1 when she moved in with me and is still in counseling to this day on a weekly basis. Masha did request a break from counseling which lasted about 3 months and then she was back in counseling. Whatever lies you all want to belive fine, MAsha and i know the truth. Also CYS was very involved making sure masha was ok. mAsha IS NOT BEING ABUSED. the lies need to stop.

In search of the truth

I agree with one thing, that the lies need to stop, yet I am somewhat confused about this comment and another one in this thread, both written within minutes of one another, coming from the same IP address and having comparable ideosyncratic capitalization. Yet one speaks of Faith Allen in third person, while the other does so in first person.

So I am not sure if these comments are written by someone speaking in defense of Faith Allen, impersonating her in one comment, or if the comments actually come from Faith Allen, impersonating a defender in one comment.

Either way, let me address some of the issues mentioned in both comments.

As to complaints filed with the state of Georgia, there are two types of complaints. There are complaints filed by Faith Allen, against a partner at the Marsh lawfirm with the Georgia Bar Association. It's correct to state that these charges were dismissed.

There were other charges filed against Faith Allen with the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, but the investigation of those charges were hindered by Faith Allen's move to another jurisdiction, Pennsylvania.

When it comes to FBI clearance, I would very much like to receive that document, so we can add it to our archive of articles and documents we have on the case of Masha. In fact any documentation to complete that archive is most welcome. You can send it to

As to the issue of counselling, I find the remark Masha received that from day 1 to be remarkable. For example the in a report prepared by Michele A. Cunko on behalf of CYFS, was stated that: Masha undergoes mental health evaluation through A Second Chance Wellness Center by Dr. Sharon on May 30, 2003. A recommendation was made for psychiatric evaluation and therapy. CYFS files don't contain Dr. Sharon's report nor is there any documentation these recommendations were followed.

The same report mentions Christian counseling through Bethany Baptist Church, which has no licensed counselors, so the professionalism and experience needed for situations like Masha had lived through, may not exceed those of Charles Brown.

So to clear this up, can you provide us with the counseling schedule for Masha, including names of Counselors and their credentials? The information can be sent to the aforementioned email address.

Finally there is a much more recent post on our website going into more detail, see: The untold story of Masha Allen

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