Frattini tries to hoodwink Europe.

By Brian Douglas.

In a recent interview the Italian foreign Minister Franco Frattini explained he wants a data base, plus DNA and fingerprints of Roma in Italy including children.

The former EU Justice commissioner went even further to explain that in the case of Roma children, he sees this as a measure of protection from pedophiles.

I ask, whom is Franco Frattini trying to kid? The Roma and their children are clearly being singled out in Italy by this fascist Government headed by Silvio Berlusconi who clearly won votes in the recent elections on the back of the poverty suffered by the Gypsies, backed by the hype in the Italian press that branded them all as thrives, rapists and murderers.

As in all EU countries there are illegal immigrants, most trying to find a better life and escape hard poverty and willing to work for lower levels of pay than is the national rate, but the way to treat them is NOT to single out any particular race on the grounds of color, creed or race and literally hammer them into a corner, which is just what the Italian Government has done!

Clearly Franco Frattini has forgotten all of his goals that he was setting as EU commissioner for Justice, including those for children’s rights and done a complete turn around to win the popular vote back home in Italy as Foreign Minister.

There have been large amounts of Roma people all over the European countries for several years now, but we never hear Frattini speak about fingerprinting or DNA data basing them when he was EU commissioner for Justice. I wonder why?

Does the Italian Foreign Minister not realize that as a young child grows its fingerprints alter, especially in the cases of children under 10 years old and does he therefore not realize that these children in effect would have to be fingerprinted every 2 years there about at a huge expense, no doubt paid by the Italian taxpayers.

Does the Italian Foreign Minister also not understand that his country has a history of racism going back well over 40 years and that it would be far better to forget these racist ideas and talk of a state of emergency regarding Roma people. Does Franco Frattini want a united Italy or a Divided one in the Question as at the moment there are huge divides over this issue in his country?

Of course all immigrants need to be accounted for and under EU laws this is possible, without singling out any group for special treatment, which is what Italy has done in the Roma case.

Italy itself has for many years accepted the nomad Roma camps and accepted the squalor these poor ones live in and has gladly given them jobs on the black market, profiting from these very people at every opportunity. Not once has the countries Government offered the services required to bring decent living conditions at an affordable price to these citizens who in the main part work within the country in menial jobs that Italians will not do.

Clearly Foreign Minister Frattini you can not deny that the Roma in your country including your own Italian Roma are not EU citizens and specially in the case of those from Romania and Bulgaria, so why not give them their European citizens rights to have free movement without special measures?

Of course there is a criminal element in the Roma population, but you must admit the Italian state has a far larger problem with Italian born organized crime at all levels. Like with all EU citizens who commit a crime, they are to be presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law and this should be for all citizens Roma and Non Roma included, with the same standard of justice too, for all!

There is no need to use fascist ideology on any European group today and the Italian Red Cross has clearly dropped its level significantly of standards by accepting to join in the fingerprinting of Roma children.

Could it be that there is I might ask a more sinister motive for these special measures aimed at the Roma children?

Could it be that along with your friends Jean Marie Cavada, Robin Nydes and Francois de Combret not to forget Claire Gibault the mother of European Adoptions that you find this an easy way to hoodwink the European public, so you have a database of children from the poorest of society in Italy that you can then along with your Inter country adoption friends use as a future basis for Inter country adoptions masked as European adoptions?

There seems little other reason for making a data base of one section of Italian society today who are all European citizens.


"finger-prints don't lie"

If what you suggest is true (through a stock-pile of data based "protection"), any child can be abducted by a stranger, sold through a black-market adoption agency and never get found  or returned to the parents because the matured finger-prints won't prove that child's original identity.

That reads like something from a Michael Crichton novel.  How could something like that be true or approved, (unless the government has the money to update their data base every 2 years, and the power to "pursuade" parents to comply to that rule.)   

<Hmmm.....>....Would that be the "greasy-palm" tax, or the "slippery-finger" fine people with children would soon have to pay their protecting government?

Why not do like Hitler did and tattoo numbers on each child as a permanant sign of identification?  I'm sure lots of parents would want to line-up their children for the mark of the beast.



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