abandonment issues

ok well I'm probably going to post something because I hope you guys will give me some comments on abandoment issues. ?? Maybe we already have a post on that- I have to check.

Anyway, ok so damn it I want to act..like in theatre and stuff. I feel like it's my calling. No, I'm pretty sure it's my calling. I just feel scared shitless about being in front of a million people. I mean I feel scared about even taking a class. I have a feeling though, that it will release emotions I need to release in a more healthy way.

Anyway, perhaps I'm going to post about this. Also, as you already know I don't want to live with my parents anymore, people are offering for me to live with them but it's so -I feel scared about that-I wish I would just stop being so damn scared of everything. I have to realize that if I feel scared I just have to take the correct action and then everything will be as good as it is supposed to be.

Ok gotta go


Abandonment v. Rejection

I often find myself mixing the two issues of abandonment and rejection into one huge problem.  The feelings and fears behind these issues can become deeply personal, so I think it's very normal and healthy to feel insecure and worried that those patterns will keep repeating themselves for you.  The bottom line is, no one in their right mind WANTS to be a loser!

The key to inner-sanity is knowing the source of your own personal motivation.  Is it your (professional/personal) goal to become pleasing to others, or do you wish to live a life that's pleasing to yourself?  [I think knowing what drives or inspires a person inside helps determine what the final outcome of a situation will eventually be.  For instance, spite or desperation are never good driving-forces behind a person's quest for success!]

The only way you will know if acting is your calling is by taking the necessary steps towards doing it.  I so soulfully believe if a person is following their true-born life-passion, success and happiness will be found.  Who's to say an acting class will create the inner-actress in you?  A simple class could also lead you towards a whole new direction you never considered before.  You don't know your options until you take your first step, accepting "anything can change, if I'm open to new possibilities".

The alternative to taking baby-steps towards anything within the acting profession is "reject and abandon your current dreams".  I think anything done to the extreme is dangerous, so I believe it's best to keep safe-options on your side.

Let me ask you to do an acting-experiment:  Imagine yourself being the parent to a child who says "I want to be an actress!". What would you advise that child to do?  [Dare to create a script for yourself, one that you can easily read and follow.]



I have found myself, lately, being a very desperate person; some people finding it in me, could destroy me with it, yet others
may, hopefully see a real need.  I used to do everything in spite!  Today I try to find the people who do not want to destroy me,
to reveal my desperation to. 
For success, how deep do I have to go to find the driving-sources I have never known?  I agree:  "anything done to the extreme is dangerous, so I believe it's best to keep safe-options on your side."  And what safe options are always on my side?


Making and Creating

And what safe options are always on my side?

I don't know... but then, as an adult, isn't it your responsibility to create safe options when no others are provided?  Call me crazy, but I can't help but believe, "if you accept limits, you accept limitations."  [This relates to the phrase, "when there's a will, there is a way."]


okay...  my first safe option to create is to have people who know all about my situation standing behind me in case
I start to give up.  How does that sound? 


Safety in an appropriate support-system

I can't imagine anything better than establishing a safe support system for yourself.  (Well done in your first baby-step towards personal progression!)

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