Organized Crime Operating in the Child Protection System


June 29, 2007 Release
This release supercedes all previous dated and undated releases.
by James Roger Brown

Five-year-old Florida foster child Rilya Wilson was kidnapped from State custody in February 2001. Florida officials did not detect the kidnapping for fifteen months. The kidnapping went undetected for two reasons, Rilya Wilson was kidnapped by persons knowledgeable of the inner workings of the child protection system, and Florida Department of Children and Families case file record forms were falsified for fifteen months.

Case workers falsely reported Rilya Wilson was in Florida State custody and in good health.

The Rilya Wilson case is not an isolated incident. Falsification of child protection system records is part of a national pattern of organized crime. For one example, Employees of the Florida Department of Children and Families were also implicated in the kidnapping of an Arkansas child that involved falsification of records.

In a June 6, 2002, opinion, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that an infant Arkansas citizen had been illegally transferred to Florida State custody in what was essentially an interstate criminal conspiracy to seize and transport children in complete disregard of State and Federal law. (See Arkansas Department of Human Services v. Cox, Supreme Court of Arkansas No. 01-1021, 349ark, issue 3, sc 9, 6 June 2002

The Rilya Wilson case is merely the tip of a criminal iceberg. Beginning about 1973, criminal elements in the mental health and social work professions began cooperating to construct a nationwide organized criminal bureaucracy to exploit children and implement a shared political agenda behind the legislated secrecy of the child protection, juvenile justice, and mental health systems. (For details see EVIDENCE BOOK SUBMITTED TO CONGRESS link on page 9.)

The current result is a nationwide organized criminal operation integrated across the child protection, mental health and social work systems that uses everything from sophisticated science fraud-based "evaluation" instruments structured to produce false positives (see EVIDENCE BOOK) to third-party State service contracts written to sustain a system of structural corruption in which State employees and contract service providers must falsify records and testimony or they will not continue to be employed or paid.

To maintain their existence, organized criminal operations such as these are no different from other bureaucracies that must construct policies, methods, and procedures necessary to sustain daily operations. The only special adaptation required to run criminal operations in government and quasi-government agencies is that organized crime bureaucracy policies, methods, and procedures must be integrated into the policies, methods and procedures of the umbrella agency or program and not be detected as criminal processes.

The existence of organized crime in the child protection system in any given State is not that difficult to detect. Prominent among the indicators (see EVIDENCE BOOK) are:

1. Systematic, consistent falsification of child protection agency records and testimony, contract mental health evaluations and testimony, and social work intervention records and testimony;

2. The annual number of "founded" child abuse allegations can be predicted from the number of conditional federal grant and reimbursement salary fund dollars needed to balance the State child protection agency payroll (the number of children taken into State custody each year will be the number sufficient to generate the federal fund claims necessary to balance the agency payroll); and

3. Third-party contracts to file State child protection agency federal fund claims will contain provisions that only compensate the contractor for increases in federal funds paid to the State over and above the amount paid in the previous contract for such claim filing services.

Inserting a contract provision that links a federal fund claims contractor's compensation to increasing annual federal fund dollars generated over the previous contract period is a classic example of structural corruption. If the contractor fails to increase paid federal fund claims for a specified time period (usually
quarterly), their contract can be cancelled.

The end result is a system in which everyone stays employed only if the annual number of founded child abuse cases always increases and never decreases, or annual paid federal fund claims increases and never decreases.

An important by product of this criminal process for exploiting children, independent of the true child abuse rate, is the blind political support for the criminal operations generated by the constant flow of conditional federal funds into the respective State's economy.

In the Rilya Wilson case, even the Foster Mother continued to receive and accept payments for the care of Rilya over a year after the child disappeared. Caseworkers reportedly told her to take the money.

An ironic twist is that this corrupt modern child slave trade system is another example of history repeating itself. A criminal bureaucracy previously developed and operated in the Swiss social welfare system from about 1850 to 1950 under the same pretext of protecting children from alleged inadequacies of their parents.

The Swiss Verdingkinder system is described in Peter Neumann's documentary film "Verdingkinder" and Marco Leuenberger's Thesis, "Verdingkinder. Geschichte der armenrechtlichen Kinderfürsorge im Kanton Bern 1847-1945, 211 S., 1991." (An internet search using the term "Verdingkinder" will produce links to some English language articles.)

The Swiss "Verdingkinder" and United States child slave trade systems have the following social processes in common:

  1. Poor families are required to register with the Government. (US Public Assistance, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare and numerous other special programs.)
  2. Once registered with the Government, Parents are subjected to ongoing monitoring to determine if "the best interest of the child" is served by removing the child from the home and placing the child in State "protective" custody.
  3. Children who age out of the system are not intellectually and emotionally prepared for adult life, especially marital relationships.
  4. Decisions about the "best interest of the child" are made by Government employees using vague subjective criteria and State or personal economic interest.
  5. Children are auctioned off or distributed under government sanction. (US Child Protection Agencies post pictures of children held for adoption on the internet, and foster parents are enticed with additional household income generated by foster child "support" payments.)
  6. Children are physically abused, starved, and malnourished by State and foster custodians.
  7. Children are sexually abused by State and foster custodians.
  8. Children are murdered by State and foster custodians.
  9. Children are economically exploited. (In the Swiss system by the middlemen, farmers and businesses using the child slave labor; In the US system by State employees who wrongfully seize children for federal funds to meet the agency payroll; by psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers filing fraudulent insurance claims; by crime victim therapy service providers filing claims for nonexistent or fictitious child abuse crime victims; and by attorneys, prosecutors, child abuse investigators, juvenile court judges, and civil court judges who exploit false child abuse allegations to sustain their income, power or prestige.)
  10. Criminal activity is concealed through falsified records, incomplete records and failure to keep records.
  11. Government agencies pay fees and subsidies to State and foster custodians who physically abuse, murder, sexually abuse and economically exploit children.
  12. Law enforcement agencies ignore or cover up criminal acts against children by State and foster custodians.
  13. When prosecutions do occur for crimes against Verdingkinder or foster children, the punishment is minor compared to the crime.
  14. The operation intended to benefit poor families and children becomes an organized criminal enterprise that economically, physically, and sexually exploits children.
  15. Government officials and media not directly involved in the criminal activity refuse to believe that a child slave trade could develop in a civilized nation like Switzerland or the United States.
  16. The economic exploitation of children in the Swiss Verdingkinder system coincidently did not end until machinery was developed that provided a cheaper means of farm and factory production than child slave labor. The United States child exploitation system will not end without intervention unless States find easier methods of obtaining federal fund revenues equal to the amount currently generated by taking children into State "protective" custody.
  17. Both the Swiss and United States child slave trade systems expanded and operated outside of Government control. (The private purchasing and sale of children in the US are conducted by private child brokers and child adoption attorneys.)

Relevant insights can also be extracted from parallels in the embarrassment of the Bush Administration over numerous ignored warnings that Osama bin Laden planned to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, and the embarrassment of Florida Officials having to explain fifteen months of falsified child protection records, sworn court testimony that Rilya Wilson was in Florida State custody and doing fine, and falsified federal fund claims for services delivered to a child who may have been dead the entire time.

After the collapse of the World Trade Center, both the American Public and terrorists worldwide now know the United States is vulnerable to attack,due in large part to corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

As a consequence of the Rilya Wilson case in Florida, the Public and every child molester, pornographer and other criminals who need children for their misdeeds know that the corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in the child protection system can be exploited as cover to acquire children for their own illicit purposes.

What happened to Rilya Wilson in Florida can, does, and will happen in any State where the current organized criminal exploitation of children is allowed to continue.

Sooner or later other criminals are going to become sufficiently aware of the mechanisms the current child protection system organized criminals use to manage their criminal bureaucracy, that child molesters, pornographers, pimps, and drug smugglers will also be able to exploit the system, as were the people who reportedly kidnapped Rilya Wilson and returned a week later to collect her clothes.

This was the behavior of persons who believed they had no reason to fear being held accountable for kidnapping or any other criminal offense.

Among the obvious criminal opportunities is obtaining information about the illicit activity (falsifying federal claims, official reports, insurance claims, etc.) of individual State employees or licensed professionals, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, and blackmailing or otherwise compelling them to allow access to children for criminal exploitation or perversion.

Of major importance to prosecutors is that the systematic falsification of records by child protection system crime participants in psychiatry, psychology, social work and child abuse investigation units, results in the systematic falsification of evidence used in child-related criminal and civil judicial proceedings. (See EVIDENCE BOOK.)

It may be tempting for police and prosecutors not to look too closely at experts and evidence which make convictions easier, but relying on criminals who protect themselves by providing tainted essential services and corrupted evidence to the people who should be arresting and prosecuting them is a house of cards that will collapse locally or nationally at some point.

We have contemporary examples of chaos created by the falsification of evidence in the Los Angeles Police Department, and the newlydocumented error rate in death row convictions.

Several decades of both Los Angeles and death row cases have to be reviewed and readjudicated. When the disastrous consequences of entering the fourth decade of organized criminal administration of the child protection system are finally disclosed, State Governments and the Federal Government face having to remedy the chaos and carnage caused by malicious prosecutions, false child abuse allegations and convictions, falsified adoptions, bankrupted families, damaged children and adult lives, and the children stolen by State employees and diverted into prostitution and other criminal activities.

In addition to the Swiss Verdingkinder scandal, at least one other historical precedent exists with several parallels to the manner in which the United States child protection system currently engages in the now-documented systematic abuse and atrocities with the tacit approval of State Officials and Federal Agencies and Officials. From 1976 to 1983, the government of Argentina under the control of a military junta conducted a "Dirty War" against anyone perceived as "leftist."

Just as with child protection agencies, the Argentine Military Junta went after anyone who criticized either the way it operated or its policies. Most of the same types of people targeted by the Military Junta are likewise targeted by child protection agency organized crime managers: the poor, critics of the system, social activists, people who resist personal intimidation and the abuse of fellow citizens, and people who ask too many questions.

In Argentina, thousands of individuals and entire families were rounded up and executed by being beaten to death, shot in the back of the head, or sedated and thrown alive from an airplane over the open ocean. Concurrently, the Argentine Military maintained a list of soldiers wanting children.

Pregnant women taken into custody were kept alive until their babies were born, then executed. Infant children of the pregnant women and murdered families were distributed among the soldiers who killed them. [Criminal investigations and prosecutions of Argentine soldiers involved in the atrocities are still going on.] (See htp:// and

On October 7, 1976, United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met with Argentina's Foreign Minister Admiral Cesar Augusto Guzzetti. At the time of this meeting, Congress was preparing to approve sanctions against the Argentine Junta because of widespread reports of human rights abuses. Henry Kissinger communicated to Guzzetti United States Government approval of the Junta's use of mass arrests, torture, and mass executions to deal with suspected leftists.

According to a declassified transcript of the meeting, Kissinger stated: "Look, our basic attitude is that we would like you to succeed. I have an old-fashioned view that friends ought to be supported. What is not understood in the United States is that you have a civil war. We read about human rights problems but not the context. The quicker you succeed the better…

The human rights problem is a growing one. Your Ambassador can apprise you. We want a stable situation. We won't cause you unnecessary difficulties. If you can finish before Congress gets back, the better. Whatever freedoms you could restore would help." National Intelligence Archives:

Those working to obtain justice for the victims of abuse and atrocities committed by perpetrators embedded in the United States child protection system should keep Kissinger's words in mind as another parallel. Even with the possibility of congressional action on the horizon, reform efforts can be undermined by friendship or economic ties between Federal Officials and State-level cronies directly participating in the child protection system organized crime.

Some of the more brutal foster care abuse and death scandals were cases in which children taken into State custody were placed in the homes of case workers in violation of regulations prohibiting it. In some cases the abuse and deaths occurred in the homes of the very case workers who had seized the children. (See EVIDENCE BOOK.)

One disturbing parallel is that for Argentina's Military Junta and for the United States child protection system, proof of guilt is not a requirement to be placed under government control; allegation or suspicion of guilt alone is sufficient. In both systems, whether you die or survive the process, the life you had before is completely destroyed and you are tainted for the rest of your life by the mere fact of an allegation or suspicion.

Unless something is done to shut down the organized criminal activity in every State in which it currently exists, Rilya Wilson is not going to be the last horror story to capture national attention. Similar incidents in the future will continue to ruin careers as the Rilya Wilson kidnapping did in Florida. People will end up in prison for crimes far more severe than falsifying a few reports to obtain federal funds for their State, or filing fraudulent insurance claims.

Prosecutors, Legislators, and other State officials who thought they were benefitting their State by ignoring criminal acts in the child protection system which bring federal fund dollars into the State's economy may end up having to face situations far uglier than they ever thought.

Former Arkansas State Senator Nick Wilson was sentenced to federal prison for his sponsorship of and participation in one such legislated criminal enterprise to exploit children. Several Arkansas attorneys involved in this scam lost their licenses to practice law.

During the 2001 Arkansas Legislative Session, Senate Bill 860, drafted by Arkansas Department of Human Services employees, was discovered to contain provisions that would have required employees to lie about records and facts, even if subpoenaed. The bill was withdrawn once the Legislator duped into being the primary sponsor was made aware of its contents.

An Austin, Texas, DHS Supervisor committed suicide after being arrested for operating a foster child prostitution ring from his office computer. Also, the Texas Comptroller has issued a report on the exploitation and abuse of children in State custody, including some who were forced to live outdoors in tents year-round. (See CHILD SLAVE TRADE PAGE link below.)

Congress is now in the preliminary phase of possibly holding hearings on corruption in the child protection system. Public hearings on the abuse of children and parents involved in the child protection system have been held in at least two States. Reforming the child protection system is currently part of the platform of candidates who are running for public office in at least three States.

For information regarding the status of a possible Congressional Investigation of the child protection system, contact local United States Representatives and Senators. The handwriting may or may not be on the wall now, but child protection system criminals will continue to push the envelope on everything they can get away with until they are stopped and prosecuted. The important issue is how much more obvious, sophisticated, brutal and embarrassing organized crime in the child protection system will be allowed to become before it is addressed - and stopped.

While the current state of knowledge about interlinked organized crime in the child protection, mental health, and social work systems paints a dismal picture, it also reveals practical solutions to the problem of how to arrest and prosecute participants in this organized crime bureaucracy. Information publicly available now makes it possible to catalogue the criminal acts used to sustain the child protection system organized crime bureaucracy.

These criminal acts include but are not limited to:

  1. Murder;
  2. Manslaughter;
  3. Kidnapping;
  4. Conspiracy;
  5. Blackmail;
  6. Terroristic threatening;
  7. Witness tampering;
  8. Evidence tampering;
  9. Perjury;
  10. Fraud;
    1. Medicaid
    2. Medicare
    3. Federal grant and reimbursement programs
    4. Insurance claims
    5. Crime victim reparation claims
    6. Psychological testing results
    7. Psychological diagnoses
  11. Tampering with government records;
  12. Falsifying government records;
  13. Deceptive and unconscionable trade practices by psychiatric, psychological and social work practitioners operating as public businesses;
  14. Emotional, mental and physical child abuse;
  15. Racketeering;
  16. Human trafficking;
  17. Production and possession of child pornography;
  18. Child prostitution; and
  19. Organized crime generated child abuse statistics collected from States and reported to Congress and the public violate the Federal Data Quality Act.

One simple achievable remedy would be the establishment of a special organized crime task force in each State specifically targeting interlinked organized crime in the child protection, mental health, and social work systems. Associated with this crime control effort would be the enactment of legislation prohibiting science fraud-based insurance claims and the establishment of science fraud detection protocols within State insurance fraud divisions.

Currently, no State or Federal Code exists prohibiting the use of science fraud for illicit purposes.

Governors facing State budget deficit crises could find this approach a useful tool for shutting down corrupt agencies and programs with minimum political backlash. What special interest group could publicly protest an effort to shut down organized crime in the child protection, mental health, and social work systems without raising questions about their own motives and credibility?

Creating an organized crime task force to go after criminals in the child protection, mental health, and social work systems, and establishing science fraud detection protocols to control fraudulent psychiatric, psychological, and social work service provider insurance claims are attainable goals for those individuals and groups seeking to end the current atrocities committed in the name of child protection.

Objections that sovereign immunity applies to state employees and expert witness immunity applies to the testimony of mental health and social work practitioners are not valid in many States when gross negligence, gross incompetence, or acting with malice are present.

To provide additional and future updated information on the criminal exploitation of children in the child protection, mental health, and social work systems, a page on THE SOCIOLOGY CENTER web site has been dedicated to monitoring the child slave trade in the United States. The Child Slave Trade Page currently contains information on how to contact the FBI Human Trafficking Task Force; downloadable PDF format copies of some evidence books submitted to Congress (including mine); child protection system criminal intelligence; links to support organizations and other information.

In the hope this National Advisory will alert the public to the organized criminal threat to families concealed behind the veil of child protection system secrecy and help prevent any repeats of the Rilya Wilson horror story, I draw the following material to your attention:

1. The Child Slave Trade Page at

Documentation of Organized Crime Methods and Procedures Integrated into State and Federal Agencies for the
Purpose of Political and Economic Exploitation of Children and Families Through State and Federal Child Protection, Mental Health, and Social Work Systems. (356 pages summarizing more than ten years research on organized crime methods and procedures in the child protection, mental health and social work systems. (File size: 3.6 MB.) at

2. "Forgotten Children: A Special Report on the Texas Foster Care System" Texas Comptroller, April 2004

3. "UK firm tried HIV drug on [New York] orphans: GlaxoSmithKline embroiled in scandal in which babies and children were allegedly used as 'laboratory animals'."
Antony Barnett in New York, Sunday April 4, 2004, The Observer.,00.html

Contact Information Below :

ALSO: Two national organizations have been working to obtain Congressional and State level hearings on fraud, corruption, and abuse of power in the child protection, mental health, and social work systems. Contact these organizations for information on their current activities and reports:

American Family Rights Association
See "Contact Us" for Board of Directors, attorneys and other contact information at

Government Watch
Laura Koepke, President
Executive Editor and Publisher, Justice Journal/Bear Valley Bulletin
Published by Government Watch, Inc.
PO Box 1031, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Laura Koepke: Phone: 909-585-4633 909-217-1787
Gina Wagner, Vice President: Phone 909-585-4385
Fax: 909-585-5906

If I may be of further assistance, please contact me at:
James Roger Brown
P.O. Box 2075
Little Rock, AR 72115
(501) 374-1788


Organizing thoughts...

I was going to post a Split-N-Two video as a separate piece, but I see the message of "no more silence" applies to this breed of Organized Crime.

Dare we think how powerful the people behind Family Preservation can actually BE?

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Details with no real-answer to offer

From what I recall from my earlier investigation of the FP Festival, the event was postponed due to the rising fuel costs, affecting the affordability of attendance.  Go figure!

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