Playing Does CPS have more seizure power than the police?

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Featured is a case of Texas CPS take-over (initiated by a school-official), and through the school-services, 13 children in one family were placed in foster care, even when no charges of abuse against the parents were made. 11 of those children were adopted.
If adoptive families aren't safe from the powers of CPS "emergency" child-removal, WHO IS?

[This video is in response to the video, "Don't Mess With Texas CPS", footage that shows the other side of "emergency child removal"]


Don't Mess With Texas CPS

The above video is in response to the video, "Don't Mess With Texas CPS"

Hitting Home

My interest in CPS corruption is multi-faceted because it has been through my own life-experience that I learned Child Placement has nothing to do with safety as much as it has to do with power.

Last year I wrote about my own experience with my local school-services.  ALL parents need to know all it takes is a simple phone call to have your child's safety and security threatened.

Thankfully I knew my job as a mother was to comply with the State Rules of NJ.  Thankfully my son was not taken away from me.  Thanks to a school counselor, my child and myself will NEVER be the same.  [For my story about school-bullying, and a system that fails the family, please read "Class-Distinction (Yes, size does Matter!)"  and "Sounds, Sleep, Silence"]

Parents must unite in the fight against a profiting political machine that thrives on the breaking of families!!!


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