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Monica Fabregas

13 year old girl adopted by Enrique Fabregas, a known drug abuser, who sexually abused her for years.  Enrique had been a boyfriend of Monica's bio mother at one time, but was not at the time of the adoption. Fabregas was also foster parent of Ruth and Estera Tamas. Despite numerous complaints over a ten year period no measures were taken. When finally Ruth and Estera filed complaints, they were taken out of the house, but it still took a year and a half before Monica was removed from Fabregas' house.
Date: 2006-06-07
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father


Redmond, Washington
United States
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DocumentDatesort icon
Ex-foster daughters of abuser sue state2008-01-11
3 sue state over access to records2008-01-11
Foster father gets 4-year sentence in abuse of girl2007-08-14
Foster dad gets 4 years for sexual exploitation2007-08-13
Ex-foster dad sentenced for sexual abuse2007-08-13
Foster father admits sex crimes2007-05-15
Ex-foster father pleads guilty to sex charges2007-05-14
Redmond foster father takes plea deal in sexual-abuse case2007-05-14
Redmond foster father pleads guilty to sexual exploitation2007-05-14
The story of Monica's mother2007-05-08
The story of Monicas aunt2007-05-05
The story of the foster parent of Ruth and Estera Tamas2007-04-30
Multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed by three foster children2007-04-28
The story of Monica's former foster mother2007-04-28
Sex-crime cop's pursuit: Who was telling the truth?2007-03-04
$45 million claim filed against state over foster dad charged with abuse2007-02-01
State bent its rules to license abusive foster father2006-07-26
Previous complaints against foster father ignored2006-07-26
Foster father licensed despite abuse reports2006-07-25
Former foster father charged2006-06-13
Alleged victim of sex abuse says threats bought silence2006-06-13
Former foster dad's arrest a relief to teen2006-06-10
Foster father held on $1 million bail2006-06-10
Man accused of sex abuse by former foster child2006-06-09


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