Children adopted by Kodzo Dobosu (aka Kojo Odo)

At least three out of thirty-five children adopted by "father of the year" Kodzo Dobosu were sexually abused by him. Another child was sentenced for beating a sibling. He was accused of beating children with a board and pouring hot sauce and hot tea on the genitals of some children. He pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of three children and to petty larceny, in a deal which included no prison time.

Dobosu was born John Love, then legally changed his name to Kojo-Mbogba Odo and later Kodzo Dobosu. Children came from foster care in many states. The family was filmed for a PBS Frontline documentary called "Children of Pride".
Date: 1991-10-22
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Sexual abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adopted sibling
Disabilities: yes


New York, New York
United States
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Dead Wrong!

Kodzo was innocent, the so called 14 year old female victim was coached by one of her dissatisfied elder brothers.


While I don't know all the facts related to this particular case, I do have a few words regarding real truth and outsider perception.

Considering most abusive acts against a child take place when few, if any, trustworthy witnesses are present, guilt or innocence should never be assumed.  And yet, let's look at what's happening in criminal courts around the country -- expert witnesses like David Kirschner and Ronald Federici are called to offer their opinions, based on their own adopted-child psychological profiles and associated theories.  These paid professionals typically suggest it's almost always the adult adopter who is good and right and it is the dissatisfied adopted child who is maladaptive and wrong.  [Yes, by all means, let's insist each and every adoption agency is top-notch, each and every pre-screening and approval process is not at all flawed, and each and every adoptee is a dangerous sociopath, making the good-doing adopter the biggest victim of all.]

These are the unwritten rules angry adoptees, aka victims of adopter abuse, are forced to accept.  

Welcome to an adoptee's hell, where wrong is right, fiction is fact, and lies are truth. 

I remember telling outsiders some of the things that were happening in my own Ahome.  I remember being told my understanding of certain things was dead wrong.  One of the great things about being an abused adoptee is having to hear just how wonderful, kind, attentive, and innocent a 'wrongly accused' abusive/negligent Afamily member really is.  If I had a dollar for each time I had to hear how wonderful my academy award-winning abusers are/were, and not choke on my own tongue, I'd have enough money to feed and clothe all the orphans in the world.

I'll share what brings me, a so-called home-wrecking trouble-maker, enough peace to move-on with my life, without the burden of a dysfunctional Afamily (filled with denying enablers)... I draw profound comfort from the belief that God knows what was done to me, what was NOT done for me, and who is most guilty when it comes to bending the truth and hurting an innocent person.  I believe ultimately, justice/karma kicks-in, making enormous liars out of many seemingly perfect saint-worthy people. 

You have no idea what you

You have no idea what you are talking about. This man was evil. He destroyed lives. Nobody lied on him. I witnessed him put hot sauce in a girls genitals after she was raped by one of the so called "brothers." I guess sex with the boys was his job. Most pedophiles hide behind their good deeds to cover up their perversions. He adopted all of us for the money and their was lots of it donated by misguided do-gooders. No one should ever be allowed to adopt 35, 40 kids. He couldn't take care of us. I wish he had never adopted me. Now I have to live with the horrors I witnessed, the horrors I lived. I still have nightmares. People read these articles and make their comments. Remember, we were real children and now we are real adults, struggling each day and wondering how we ended up in that hell hole. He stole innocence, dreams, and even humanity. He even turned some children into replicas of himself. God forgive him. I know everyday I wake up and remember my stolen childhood. The only thing that was, "Dead Wrong" is that he didn't serve a day in jail for what he did to all of us.


Hi I am trying to contact Muatta Odo, please if you know him ask him to google Sabrina A. He should know my last name. I would love to connect with him after all these years. Thanks!

This nut adopted my cousin.

This nut adopted my cousin. i havent seen him since he was 9 . He would be about 42 now. Dont know where he is or if he survived that living hell. Love u Kapano aka Raheem Zamere Collins

Looking for my childhood best friend

We grew up in Harlem, New York City, we lived two building from each other. I loved Kojo when we were children and I have always held him very dear in my heart. He was always very soft spoken, kind and like a brother to me and my sister. Too much time has passed since we last talked, it's been years and I still long to hear from him. If you can contact him please tell him I truly miss him and to contact me at the above e-mail address. If you have any information about his whereabouts or what has happened to him, please be so kind and let me know. God's blessing be with you.


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