The power of the Internet/Blogs.

During my childhood and adolescence, I had always avoided talking about adoption for many reasons. The first reason was that I was ashamed of being sold and rejected by a whole nation. The right feelings expected from the society were gratitude and happiness.  The feelings of rejection, shame, hatred, anger, depression were the "wrong feelings" so I had to hide them.

I first started using yahoo 360 to write about my feelings. It was the first time I was writing my "wrong" feelings about my adoption, my hatred and anger at Holt, at Koreans, at my A-parents.  I was the only person who could read my own blog because I made it private. I knew there was no ear to listen or no eyes to read but I felt good. I needed to be heard so I made it public but not for a long time.  The shame of feeling what I wasn't supposed to feel prevented me to leave it public.

The first site that helped me a lot to express myself is the transracial abductee site. I found it about a year ago by chance. For the first time of my adoptee's life, I felt that I wasn't alone.  I felt relieved to read the messages written by other adoptees with the same feelings than mine. Unfortunelately, after few weeks, I thought that maybe all these adoptees died or maybe they have learned to feel the right feelings. I felt more alone than before.  Since then, I found some adoptees forum, again by chance.
I started reading (domestic and international) adoptees blogs and I started blogging (in French) myself in December 2007.  Few weeks ago,  a journalist from France contacted me through my blog. He said he was interested in doing a documentary on the child trafficking in international adoption. We have been corresponding since then and today, I have been interviewed about my adoption. We are hoping that his reportage will be accepted by a producer and television.


power to you

That's really good news and it's so important this gets out, especially in French. I've tried to follow some of what's been going on in the multi-lingual world of adoption, but never was able to find much in French. Though I must say my skills in that language are limited.

Especially now that France is having the presidency of the European Council for the next 6 months, I expect a fierce lobby to get an open adoption market in Europe. With little opposition in that country against international adoption, it is good your story gets aired and hope it reaches the French speaking population on this side of the pond.

The Purging Process

I think the more abused adoptees learn it's safe to reveal their stories to those who show support and compassion, the more the global public will realize adoption does NOTHING in terms of preventing pathological parents and child abuse.

I feel great pride knowing strength is being found in silent voices.  As Adopted Adults, we must NEVER accept silence... it can kill more generations of people and annihilate the belief that family preservation is worth a fighting-chance/human interest in each child's homeland.

These screams need to  be heard far and wide... I can only hope and pray the media coverage will grow hungry with your story.  Kudos, Kimette for taking a stand for those who are still crawling in darkness and shame!!!!!


two sides

The world has heard the adoption advocates glossed over version for many years.  It's time for the world to hear the
results of the many who were destroyed by adoption.  I am a big believer in the truth, no matter how bad it hurts.  I
doubt if many ap really want to hear the other side as long as those babies are being sold and placed in more and
more disillusioned ap arms.  I'm one of those who could only see that beautiful baby and not the tears that were
shed by the mother/family he was taken from.  But from this side of adoption, with eyes wide open to the trauma it
caused the blood family of my child/children, and from knowing first hand that my own husband was a part of the
same destruction you suffer,  it makes ME ashamed.  Stand tall and speak the truth, Kimette, there
will be others to follow.  Abuse must be stopped.  My four that are with me will forever be cherished, but it was an
awful price that was paid for my happiness.  The three that are gone are the proof of what your own story tells.  I'm truly

great minds think alike


I am due to talk to a woman in charge of a documentary film makers forum next week.  I have been searching for someone to take on my story, as well as others.  I would be interested in talking to your film maker to see what his take/approach is going to be on his project, and what the scope and style is going to be.  There's no need to replicate work if it is going to be similar or could support each other.  However, I do have some very definite ideas of how I want this issue presented to the general public - because I'm not satisfied with the way it has been approached in the past.

feel free to pm me.

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