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I'd just like to put out for the record - so i can be added as a statistic, stand up and be counted - my real name and a little about me.  I was too cynical and fearful of the unknown to report as a child, not to mention feeling great responsibility towards not shattering my mother and sibling's world.  It's too late for the statue of limitations and my parents are already dead. I am the ONLY PERSON ALIVE who knows the real truth, which is stunning to know you suffered so much but its reality does not exist for anyone else.  So I've written my story  and now want to report to the public in an attempt to make adoption statistics more accurate.

My entire adult life has been spent trying to overcome this childhood by obliterating its existence.
It has taken four decades for me to realize i am not super human and it took a nearly tragic existential crisis to force me to acknowledge and unravel how cancerous being adopted and abused was to my well being and ability to function in society.

I don't feel my story counts for anything if I am not willing to back that up, and I can't do that as an anonymous person.

My name is Leanne Leith
I was born March 3rd, 1964
I was adopted from Korea in December of 1966, from the Holt adoption agency.
I was raised in Taylor, Michigan, an all white suburb of Detroit.
From approximately 1967 to 1976 I was molested regularly by my adoptive father.
My abuser's name was David F. Leith, a Melvindale Jr. High School music teacher.
Out of four children, three were biological.
I was the only one abused.

Please stop inter country adoption.  
This practice allows other countries to neglect their social services to needy parents.
This practice turns little people into commodities for a multitude of self-serving and dubious rationales.
This practice severely and negatively confuses a child's identity and culture.
The adoption case gets closed and filed but the child must carry on in isolation, to live with the consequences.

Please, all abused adoptees that can, please come forward and be counted as well.
We exist.  Let us all be counted.

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Re never reported.

Reading this story makes me feel sick as this young woman like many others has endured a life of hell, thanks to International adoptions, which again have proved to be totally unregulated in every respect and again proved not to have respected the rights of the child. We need more brave people like Leanne to come forward and tell their story, so we can build a dosar of all these cases to put to the relevant authorities I feel. This way we can give hard evidence in the fight to BAN intercountry adoptions and allow national adoption-in country so that children can grow up in their own surroundings and with their own culture, plus of course foster care to give children a future too, in certain situations where national adoption is not the best answer.


Privacy Issues

Perhaps we can create an Annonymous Adoption Survey that asks adoptees on all the various discussion/forum websites to help us gather the numbers so many fail to see and recognize in adoption's aftermath?

We know they exist.  We also know why some must still live in hiding.  When it comes to Child Abuse, I like to believe even silence deserves a counted voice.


Already on it!  Structuring the website instead of watching fireworks...

Adoptee OCD

I had to laugh at your 2 recent posts because they both reflect my own need to keep my passion for this topic alive at mach-speed.  That's the great thing about Survival, since it's all we know, we refuse to let something of great personal importance sit and die.

I look forward to seeing what you develop, and feel a great sense of appreciation for your willingness to help us with this "little detail"!


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