pound pup to cur

i was standing outside by my dad and a stray dog passed by.
i went to pet the dog and it snarled at me and skitted away.

"never try and pet stray dogs," my dad told me.
"it's a cur.  see it's tail between it's legs?  it's been mistreated, so it will always be afraid and try to bite you."

even my abusive father understood that abused animals are never the same as a result.
but somehow, my abuse was rationalized enough to permit.

that mongrel dog, that inferior dog, that mistrusting dog, feral and scrounging on its own, dirty and unloved.

i always identified with curs.

don't listen to my father -
be not afraid to extend your hand
be patient with us
don't take our mistrust personally
our temperaments have been forged by misfortune and ill fate

even though our spirit was broken
we still need love


Pound Pup Legacy