Mother To Be Sentenced For Killing Child

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Date: 2003-01-30

Mother To Be Sentenced For Killing Child

Hearing Continues Friday

POSTED: 4:48 pm CST January 30, 2003
LIBERTY, Texas -- A judge will soon decide the fate of a woman accused of killing her adoptive child, News2Houston reported Thursday.

Edith Beebe pleaded guilty to one count of injury to a child.

A Liberty County judge held a hearing Thursday to decide her punishment, which ranges from five to 99 years in prison.

Beebe is the former adoptive mother to six handicapped children.

"She's hurting. She's hurting because she lost her son. And she hurt because she lost all of her children," said Beth Rogers, Beebe's friend.

On March 17, 2000, police went to the Beebe's home in Liberty to investigate reports of child abuse.

The body of Joseph Beebe, 8, was found, covered with bruises, police said. According to investigators, Beebe often used a bamboo rod to punish her children.

"I'm so sorry. But I'm a Christian. But someone needs to pay for this. This is unbelievable to me that this could happen," said Laura Craven, a concerned parent.

Joseph Beebe was one of triplets with special needs who Beebe and her husband adopted.

During testimony Thursday, Joseph's sister, Amy, said that she and the other children were not only beaten with a rod, but also locked in a room without food or water and sometimes dragged by their hair.

After Joseph's death, all of the children were removed from the Beebe's home.

"The five surviving children are in the custody of CPS. And we are looking for some adoptive homes for them," said Estella Olguin, with Children's Protective Services.

After her testimony, which was emotional at times, Amy read a letter to her former adoptive mother.

It said, "Dear ugly mother. I hope you get an ugly death like my brother. I hate you and what you did to us and for separating our family."

The hearing will continue Friday.

Beebe's husband, Brian, and son, Justin Martin, face up to 10 years for their role in Joseph's death.


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