Date: 1993-08-01


August 1, 1993
Dayton Daily News

Greene County sheriff's records, interviews with the Carrolls and testimony at an inquest last week provided information for these sketches of members of the Cedarville family, which has seen half of its 10 adopted children die within nine months.


Kathleen and Timothy Carroll, ages 32 and 38: Adopted as a child herself, she is a former nursing assistant; he was an electronic technician; neither is now employed; they met when they were 17 and 22 while families were vacationing in Hampton, N.H.; they married in 1981 and lived near Boston; he suffered an infection at age 16 that paralyzed his legs and left him unable to father children; they cared for their first foster child in 1984 and by 1992 had 10 children placed with them; couple pleaded guilty to reduced charges of neglect in the death of Hannah, 6, for failing to get professional medical treatment for her severe burns; members of Ascension Life Center in West Alexandria, they say they're doing God's work with the youngsters.


Anne Marie, 19: In custody of Ohio Department of Youth Services after a 1991 attempt to burn family home in Madison Twp; has severe emotional and behavioral problems; was born in Roxbury, Mass., to a mother addicted to drugs and alcohol; placed with Carrolls in 1985.

James, 17: Anne Marie's biological brother; suffered lead poisoning and was beaten as a youngster; has learning disabilities, including dyslexia; found three of the dead children; was in charge when Hannah suffered injuries that caused her death; placed in 1985.

Isaiah, 11: Very bright but unable to walk or speak because of brain damage; uses a wheelchair; placed in 1986.

Hosea, 10: The first Carroll adoptee; has severe mental problems, thought to be the result of his premature birth to a mother addicted to heroin and alcohol; placed in 1984.

Samuel, 5: Has Down syndrome but is considered "high-functioning"; placed in 1987.


Hannah, 6, died Sept. 21, 1992: Had Down syndrome and impairment with seeing, speaking and walking; died of bleach burns that covered 27 percent of her body; expert has said there is no way she spilled the bleach on herself; placed with the family in 1991, shortly after they moved from Massachusetts to Ohio.

Chloe, 1 month, died Oct. 19, 1992: The only one of five Carroll deaths not considered suspicious; born with only a brain stem inside her skull; was returned to private Columbus agency that placed her with Carrolls in 1992.

Noah, 3, died Nov. 15, 1992: On medication for seizures at the time of death; a crack baby; family said they checked on him once after returning from a doctor visit, then found him dead 15 minutes later; paramedics said body was cold when they arrived; pathologists said suffocation is considered a possibility; placed in 1989.

Mollie, 3, died Dec. 9, 1992: Suffered from Cri du Chat syndrome, a rare genetic defect causing mental retardation and physical deformities; body was cold and she may have been dead 12 hours by the time her body was reported found; suffocation considered a possibility, a pathologist said; placed in 1989.

Josiah, 12, died June 14: Suffered brain damage before birth and couldn't speak, walk or feed himself; also had asthma and used a wheelchair; found dead on his stomach - considered an improbable position because his legs are permanently bent; marks inside lips and on an eyelid indicate evidence "very suggestive" of smothering; emergency crews found his body cold; hospital personnel estimated he'd been dead several hours before death was reported; placed in 1987.


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