Children adopted by James and Vonda Ferguson

Three boys and two girls were beaten with sticks, belts, shoes, fists and hammers; burned with a clothes iron, the stove, and a curling iron; bitten; kicked; stabbed with knives, forks and sticks; urinated on; forced to eat their own excrement; forced to drink urine; fed rotting food as well as cat food; forced into the clothes dryer and the dryer turned on; beaten while naked; duct taped to a chair or their beds for days; strangled with a belt; held under water; held over a banister by their feet and dropped; made to drink hot sauce with red hot peppers; made to drink from the toilet; forced to go without food for days; forced to wear urine soaked clothing on their heads; and body slammed, along with other abuses.At least two of the victims also detailed sexual abuses and assaults using a toilet plunger.
James was a former lay minister and church trustee
Date: 2006-08-15
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Sexual abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adoptive mother
Fundamentalist faith: yes


Springfield, Ohio
United States
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STATE OF OHIO v VONDA L. FERGUSON (Appellate Case No. 2010-CA-1)2011-12-30
Vonda Ferguson sentenced to 65 years in prison for child abuse2009-12-08
Ferguson abuse case raises alarms2009-12-06
Ferguson attempts suicide after being found guilty on all 32 counts2009-11-22
Ferguson takes witness stand in her child abuse trial2009-11-19
Ohio woman denies abusing adopted children2009-11-19
Mother sodomized adopted daughter, teen testifies in rape trial2009-11-13
Boy Claims Adopted Mom Abused Him2009-11-09
Ohio prosecutor: 5 adopted children were in a 'living nightmare' with abusive mother2009-11-05
Jury selection begins in Ferguson case2009-11-03
Woman accused of abusing 5 adopted children to go on trial Tuesday2009-11-02
Adoptive dad jailed for child abuse2008-05-10
Ferguson found guilty on 25 counts2008-04-24
Court dismisses charges against the Fergusons2007-03-26
Children can testify in abuse trial2006-09-28
Authorities unsure why no one saw child abuse2006-09-24
Aunt says Vonda Ferguson took good care of children2006-08-19
Pair pleads not guilty in abuse of kids: Charges involve five adopted children2006-08-16
Parents Accused Of Child Abuse Face Judge2006-08-15
Couple indicted on 63 counts of abuse: 5 adopted children were mistreated for years, charges say2006-08-10


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