Child "Protection"

by lupinepredator on June 22, 2008.

{To be sung to the tune of “Crying Time,” by Ray Charles…} Oh, it’s ranting time again, you’re gonna hate me… I can see that glassy, bored look in your eyes…

Today’s rant is somewhat related to my original postings here, concerning the impending shutdown of usenet access by three major ISPs, following the schoolyard bully tactics of New York Attorney General Anthony Cuomo. Those posts kind of hinted at the climate of fear that is overtaking the United States, regarding child pornography, and by extension, all child sexual abuse.

It irks the hell out of me that I feel as though I have to make a disclaimer about this, but I have to do it, lest I be accused of being a pedophile or child molester or an advocate for them. I do not in any way condone child abuse in any form. It is a horrible crime, and when it occurs, those guilty of perpetrating these crimes need to be punished severely. Child sexual abuse is particularly heinous. Those who would harm children are the lowest form of life in our species. That being said…

The fear and hysteria revolving around this subject is exploding all around us into something that, if we don’t start to exercise some caution, threatens to be the guiding force in destroying much of the civil liberty and freedom that we have enjoyed in this country for so many years.

I made a discovery today. I came across a post in usenet (remember, that’s a part of the virtual world that we need to shut down because it’s riddled with child pornography) that made me realize, after I thought about it for a time, that I was an unfit father to my children. Forget the fact that I provided for them, raised them, helped to nurse them when they were sick, carted them back and forth to school, listened to their tales of woe and their problems and tried my best to give them good advice along the way; forget the fact that they have all grown into well-adjusted, responsible young people who have left the nest and are creating lives and families of their own now. Forget everything like that.

I used to tickle them when they were little.

I’m so ashamed of myself. How could I ever have allowed myself to abuse my children like this? And I just happened to think of this: One of my children is a girl, and sometimes, when I tickled her, I {GASP!!} tickled her upper thighs!! I’m a child molester!! Quick - someone give me a gun. I have to kill myself now…

You think that I’m being ridiculous here? Read this excerpt, with the link provided for verification purposes:


James Redlin, a high school teacher from Illinois, will never know the name of the conscientious citizen who disrupted and nearly destroyed his family. All he knows is that when he came home from a brief trip on a train with his six-year-old son his wife Susan, told him that an official from the Department of Child and Family Services had paid a visit.

Using the threat of seizing the son and sending him into foster care, the DCFS official had extracted from Mrs. Redlin an agreement to sign a family “safety plan.” The plan required that James be subject to 24-hour supervision of all contact with his son. A typical household would be hard-pressed to meet that demand. The Redlins confronted the additional difficulty posed by the fact that Mrs. Redlin was confined to a wheelchair.

Mr. Redlin’s supposed “offense” was tickling his son during a train ride.

The child “protection” worker determined that the Redlin home was unsafe through the use of a 15-point checklist called the Child Endangerment Risk Assessment Protocol (CERAP). Checking a box next to any of the 15 “safety factors” is considered sufficient justification for state intervention in the home. No tangible or objective evidence is necessary in order for that threshold to be reached: The subjective and self-ratifying perceptions of a child “protector” are sufficient.

A week ago, shortly after a divided Supreme Court issued a flawed but necessary decision recognizing the indispensability of the habeas corpus guarantee, the High Court to use the familiar awe-encrusted expression we’re expected to apply to that body of unremarkable lawyers) refused to hear an appeal in the case of Dupuy v McEwen, a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of parents whose children had been kidnapped and used as blackmail leverage by child “protection” officials in Illinois.

That was not the entire article, and I urge you to read it in its entirety at this link:


I also urge you to read this article, at another site:

DCFS Threats to Take Children Ruled Illegal


Now, really, I’m only half joking when I say that I was an unfit father. By these standards, which are being used every day in this country, I was completely unfit to be a father. I changed my children’s diapers - which means, of course, that I not only saw them nude, but that I touched them while they were nude. I bathed them, which means the same thing. I even have a few pictures of them naked in the bathtub. So, my ex-wife and I are child pornographers, I suppose.

Where does this idiocy end??

I feel horrible for the people who have been put through this. The fathers or mothers, who now have to walk around, knowing that people are whispering about them, wondering, or “knowing” that they have abused their own children. Because make no mistake, once a whisper like that starts, in this society with the current climate, it will never go away. I feel horrible for the spouses of those accused, who know that nothing inappropriate happened, but have to endure the whispers of the people around them who wonder how on earth they could stay with a person who would do “that” to one of the kids.

But most of all, I feel horrible for the kids, who are caught in the middle of this. Will they forever question what that playful tickle or pat on the rump when they were ten years old *really* meant? When the shit-storm ends and the family is “reunited,” can the children ever be helped to find a way to truly feel safe and secure in their homes again? To do this not only terrorizes the adults in the situation, it also terrorizes the children. What’s worse, it’s being done in the name of “Child Protection.”

But in my mind, it’s committing a form of child abuse every bit as heinous as the person who physically rapes a child.



common sense

as a secret victim of child sexual abuse, i know how imperative it is for the child to maintain appearances
watching my perpetrator, i know how imperative it was for him to maintain appearances

the few times there was a crack in that facade, the public did nothing to intervene

i therefore, applaud concerned citizens who stick their neck out

on the other hand, i feel strong arm tactics with potentially catastrophic consequences by the authorities are inappropriate and draconian.
trauma prevention should be the main focus.  not creating new trauma. 

as for the guy who wrote the article:  i am sure all kinds of kiddie porn enthusiasts are also hiding behind their civil rights and his arguments.
don't get me wrong:  i am all about freedom of speech, etc.
but if he's championing the guy being tagged chester molester, i think he's off track.  the guy's hands shouldn't be heading for the crotch area of a child in public. 
i.e., a tickle in the upper thigh as it might appear to someone passing-by (actually, a real molester would probably be more guarded than that.)
but come on - use some common sense.

even i don't engage children i don't know in public because others might get suspicious i am a baby kidnapper.
that's just the way it is when we don't know all our neighbors and know who we can trust or not.

all that being said,  i think it is human nature not to rat out other people.  and reporting child abuse is a very very serious thing to do and potentially messy for the reporter as well.  i don't know and i'm sure it can't be confirmed, but i bet there are many times more instances of child abuse that DON'T get reported by witnesses than those that get reported but are false. 

and i'm sorry, but enduring whispers is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the pain of being an abused child.

Where does this idiocy end??

good question, but a weak example. 

i think the REAL ANSWER is that it ends with us.  it ends with us knowing our neighbors and our community and the children in our community and caring enough to help out a family under stressful conditions and with us being REAL with others that they may be REAL with us so we live a life of PUBLIC RECORD where secrets have no place. 

i think the REAL ANSWER is we don't need social services or orphanages or any of that crap.  We just need to build stronger immediate communities and stand up and be there for people. So it starts with us as well.  Next time you see a frazzled acquaintence parent - offer to babysit for a couple hours.  Next time you see an abusive stranger - offer some sympathy and make light of the situation and talk about how bad their day is going, and make over their child as the wonderful human being they are.  The parent will feel better and will also look upon their child in a better light and realize they were focusing on the wrong things.  and all the children should know there is someone safe they can go to when things get bad.  i mean, when was the last time you had the neighbors over for dinner and vice-versa?  do you even know their names?

i think the more families become isolated, the more condusive their environments are for abuse.  We, as human beings who want and need support have to take that first step and lend support.  If we see a family where things don't seem right, then we should become active in their lives.

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