Second Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

Last October we instituted our annual Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption AwardsTM.

Even though last year's edition was very much a spur of the moment action, it was a success and many people visited to vote.

For our second annual Demons of Adoption Award, we'd like to have much more input about the nominations than we had last year. At the time we only had three weeks before the Congressional Coalition's gala, so we improvised a list of nominees ourselves. In retrospect I'm still quite pleased with the candidates we came up with, but with the input of the many people that have a deep knowledge of the adoption system, I know we can do better.

Until August 31 you can nominate candidates for the second annual Demons of Adoption Award. Please add a comment to this post with your nominee and a short explanation why this candidate has the dubious honour of winning the award. You can also email your nomination to this address.


I'll do the stupid thing first and then you shy people follow

I nominate LDS Family Services for using coercive tactics in obtaining infants for adoption and for not respecting paternal rights. See

For those who care

Though I've become more of lurker, than a real participant on this site, I'd like to nominate adoption agency Adoptions from the Heart for their continued cooperation with the totally corrupt Indian orphanage Preet Mandir.

Here's my dart:

Do minions of the industry count?

I say Child Protective Services deserves some recognition in the demonization of Family Values.   Given their use of adoption targets and quotas -- and well-documented cases of neglect, that lead to the demise of many a foster-child, surely they can take the cake for placement "mistakes".


Would that be CPS in general, or a specific state or even county CPS? 

re: CPS

Of course there is not a singular entity called CPS and not every state or county names the child protective services they offer CPS, but as a broad generalization there certainly is a system by that name. I am not the one putting up this nomination, but I can certainly understand why Kerry made this submission and I believe she meant it in general.

Being a state/county organized system, CPS of course varies throughout the US and as such the quality of these services vary from place to place. Still many states have serious issues and Kentucky, Georgia, Colorado and Arizona are certainly not the only state with problems. The quotas and targets leading to the push for quick adoptions, putting children in potentially harmful situations is mostly based on federal funding. The financial incentives to get children into CPS (every extra child in the system is extra income for the organization) is country wide. So I understand the broad scope of this nomination and very much agree with it.

I am usually not in the habit of speaking on Kerry's behalf, but since she is on holidays and not certain if and when she will be having internet access, I make an exception. Don't want your question to stay unanswered.

Amici dei Bambini

I nominate Amici dei Bambini for being the driving force behind the concept of European Adoptions, as a way to re-open adoptions from Romania. The effect of such a policy would be to put an extra layer of adoptions between national and international adoptions.

Read about it here

The long term effect could be to have European children become internationally adoptable, despite the fact that European countries have the obligation to provide proper child protection and social services for their children.

Just to keep the intercountry adoption market.

Too crazy for words? Afraid not....

Read here the translation of

Read here the translation of Amici dei Bambini's political agenda for European adoptions:

30 Aug 2007


European adoption could represent a modern and innovative solution for the children of Europe: a new level of intervention to be realised between states of the European Union in order to allow the placement in families of abandoned children from Italy, France, Spain or Romania, who today find themselves in institutions and have only two alternatives: national adoption or international adoption. The entry of Romania and Bulgaria in Europe, countries that de facto have blocked international adoption, imposes the necessity to define adequate solutions for the insertion of these minors in families. This way the concept of subsidiarity of adoption could be widened. Placing itself, in fact, between the national and the international one, European adoption is necessary in order to resolve the problems of abandoned children in case it is impossible to find a national one. Only when one cannot recur to national adoption or to European adoption, one would refer to international adoption as configured nowadays.

For the sake of "public interest"

Does Europe really think they can afford to follow American footsteps in terms of the aftermath intra-country adoption causes it's people?

Is there ANY country that dedicates itself to "caring for it's own"?

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