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This is just the interview with the director.
They didn't pick out the best scenes, but Tim Roth has a lot of interesting things to say about the movie.

It is available on Netflicks instant downloads
You can read more about it at:

Probably the most harrowing, tension-filled depiction of sexual abuse within a family ever made.
Do NOT view in the presence of children
Be prepared to be disturbed for many days afterwards.
Its many layers of betrayal and depravity are, perhaps its greatest strength, lending the film painful authenticity.
While I have argued some of the finer points on IMDB discussion boards, I still feel it manages to remain respectful and sympathetic to the victems despite its graphic brutality. Some things can not be sugar coated...

An amazing movie.
Tim Roth did a superb job handling this most difficult topic.


immediate comment

I will have to secure some child-free time to review both recommendations... but my immediate response to this topic must address the very delicate nature of family-incest-situations.  It saddens me terribly to know there are people who find this topic sexually enticing and erotic, so for that reason, I think anyone who can "disturb" the public with incest information deserves kudos.

As far as I'm concerned, it should NEVER be socially acceptable for incest to be seen as "sexy"... especially knowing how traumatized the victims of such family-betrayal really feel. 

better clips

can be found here (the link from the imdb site) 

(it's only a couple minutes long as well)

ebert & roper's review

the full movie is in google videos, actually.  i don't know if it is the unrated explicit version or not.

The legacy of secrets and lies:

I loved Roth's comment:  "The actions of adults can destroy generations... the people they claim to love".

In the previous, longer version, he mentions another piece he was working-on "secretly", which was also very disturbing -- (I know that interview  was done years ago) -- do you know what became of that project that he allluded to, and how it related to families?

I think it would be brilliant to have a film that features the Dark Side of Adoption... so people could see and hear the secrets so many want to keep.


Call me crazy, but doesn't the daughter in the film look hauntingly similar to the teen-mother actress in Juno?

Adoption Movies

just went to imdb to look up all their adoption movies - here are a couple that seemed germane to the dark side:

Italianetz (or The Italian)
The Italian
Set in 2002, an abandoned 5-year-old boy living in a rundown orphanage in a small Russian village is adopted by an Italian family but runs away to find his mother

Souvenirs from Asia
A witty but volatile family drama about the cultural misunderstandings within cross-cultural adoption

from journeyman pictures (a database of independent documentary films that is a real treasure trove)
there is typically a very generous look at the movie (perhaps the first quarter of it)
you can purchase them or also some of them are on a pay per view status (each pay per only costs 1 euro through paypal and you get to view it for a week)

Australia for the Children's Sake
explores the children of substance abusing parents and their struggles

China Zhang Empresses
four grade school Chinese adoptees from Sweden return to China to visit their orphange. 
it's a good snapshot of the feelings an international adoptee has at that age. 
however, i feel they are too young to have dealt with their feelings of grief and identity, or loss of culture.

Romania - The Lost Children
disturbing history and images of the former Romanian adoption institutions.
follows the plight of hard to place children who were not adopted and failed by the state child welfare system yet too old to benefit from the new system
the write-up on this film sounds pro-international adoption, but i can't tell from the video clip - the transcript is available if you can not afford to purchase it

Albania - Sold Children

Australia - Giving a Child Away
during an unplanned pregnancy , a woman decides to give the child away to her barren sister.  despite all the good intentions, it rips the family apart when the mother regrets her decision

World-Shackled Women
explores misogynistic practices against women's sexuality and fertility across the globe - not the topic of the film, but a root cause of unwanted children in the world.

Guatemala - Babies for Export

Guatemala - The Baby Business

Russia - From Russia, For Love
Canadian adopters get more than they bargain for when they split up Russian siblings

Hungary - European Infanticide
shows what desperate unwed mothers do in a society with no safety net and cultural ostracizing

India - Female Infanticide
explores infanticide in the patriarchal dowry system and the future of social programming and what more enlightened young females are up against

other movies about adoption:

(follow the redirect)  movie about the agonizing decision to give up for adoption one too many mouths to feed
see also Tie A Yellow Ribbon due out soon

will add more...must earn a dollar now!

Secrets & Lies

I'd like to add Mike Leigh's film Secrets & Lies to this list.

A family is forced to confront the personal issues they've been avoiding for years in this powerful, realistic drama.

Cynthia (Brenda Blethyn) is a working-class British woman whose life has been a long series of painful disappointments. She's single with no romantic prospects and a dead-end job at a box factory. Her daughter Roxanne (Claire Rushbrook) works as a street sweeper and is chronically bitter. Cynthia helped raise her brother, Maurice (Timothy Spall), who is doing well as a photographer, but she rarely sees him and usually blames his wife, Monica (Phyllis Logan).

One day, Cynthia receives a phone call from a woman named Hortense (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), who claims to be the daughter Cynthia put up for adoption years ago. Cynthia initially reacts with panic, but she agrees to meet Hortense and is surprised to discover that she's a successful and soft-spoken eye doctor -- and that she's black.

Cynthia is soon convinced that Hortense is just who she claims to be, and they quickly form a friendship that gives Cynthia a new source of emotional strength. However, when Cynthia decides to introduce the family to her new "friend," it forces them to confront the lies and evasions that have kept them apart all these years.

Largely improvised by director Mike Leigh and his cast, Secrets & Lies features standout work by Brenda Blethyn (who earned an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (who was nominated as Best Supporting Actress), and Timothy Spall.

~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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