anatomy 101

i just realized i was about five years old when my father explained what a clitoris is. 

and no, i didn't ask...

how old are normal kids when they learn about this?


in my teens

I don't recall the occasion of learning the existance of  the word clitoris and the body part it stands for, but it must have been somewhere in my teens. Growing up an only child and not having any close friends, I was late in finding out the details of sex. It probably started out by hearing the word first, without knowing what it stands for and then awaiting the moment I could safely look it up in the dictionary.

[even later...]

I didn't learn a woman's anatomy until I was in Nursing School -- and I was 20.

My friends in high school

My friends in high school had these very informative publications that not only revealed what female genatalia looked like but also showed that men and even other women at times enjoyed giving said orifices more than a cursory interest  on the back of sleek power boats.

I am still confused.................

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