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Child Protection Family Court tape reveals the corruption taking place behind closed meetings and investigations that determine a child's placement within foster care services. In this case, the judge overlooks social worker's reports that support the single-mother's parenting skills, and this raises concerns that "suspicious conduct" is taking place within the CPS system.


Target 32 Investigates: Child Protective Services


POSTED: 5:33 pm EST November 12, 2007
UPDATED: 10:50 am EST November 14, 2007

Kentucky is one of 21 states that still close child protection proceedings. But there is a growing movement to open them after the Inspector General of Kentucky documented widespread abuses within the child protection system.

After three years of controversy, problems linger. A Target 32 investigation found that social workers are troubled by what they call suspicious conduct by their colleagues already under fire in the Inspector General’s report.

Linda Roberts, a single mother who had her four children taken away after her ex-husband sexually assaulted one of them, turned over a tape of her child custody proceeding.

“All of a sudden she called in and said ‘remove those kids,’” Roberts said. “It was a very heart-wrenching thing to do after I’d worked so hard to get them back, then for no good reason to take them away again. It was very difficult.”

The next time her children were taken, she didn’t get a hearing to defend herself within 72 hours, as required by law.

“They were just in shock to come home and pick up a few things and go away,” Roberts said.

Now she’s in family court defending herself from an allegation that she spanked her daughter with a belt.

The school system never saw any marks on the children, so the CPS social worker ruled the physical abuse allegation unsubstantiated. Then, Roberts was also accused of neglect due to allegations that she left the children alone.

The Louisville CPS workers also determined the neglect allegation was unsubstantiated, in large part due to a note from a supervisor giving the single working mom permission to leave the children with their 16-year-old sibling for short periods of time, in emergencies, which she did.

The Louisville-based social workers took Roberts’ side, as a success story.

“Ms. Roberts appears to me to go above and beyond with her kids because she puts them in child enrichment programs and takes them to school, she picks them up after school,” a CPS social worker said. “We have letters from supervisors, directors, neighbors, co-workers, all stating that whenever they see Ms. Roberts, they see her kids. Neighbors say they never see kids home alone.”

But judge Shan Embry ruled differently because of a previous court order reading “The children may only be left with their older adult siblings when not in the care of their mother.” Roberts was found in contempt because, according to the court, “younger siblings were left with the 16-year-old on four to five occasions.”

The judge also found that the children “were all physically disciplined by Linda Roberts with a belt and switch on numerous occasions.”

And the final reason cited by the judge for taking Roberts’ children: “Leaving three of her children alone in the Lizard Bay pool at Disney World for at least 30 minutes” while she was looking for another child who got lost.

“They go by what they want to do regardless of the law,” Roberts said.

While that ruling outraged Roberts, something else that happened in the case was disturbing, even to social workers. A supervisor in the Louisville office detailed what she called suspicious conduct in the Meade County CPS office where the case against Roberts originated.

“The case file was not there and we don’t know where the case file went,” the supervisor said. “Once we started requesting the records, the phone calls stopped. We didn’t get any phone calls back.”

The case file that contained records supporting Linda Roberts disappeared, while the information against her was forwarded to Louisville when the case transferred.

Then, Louisville investigators learned the “Meade County investigator who executed the initial affidavit alleging contempt is the best friend of the temporary custodian’s mother-in-law.”

“They can pull strings and do things and files can disappear, reports can be made and children can be snatched out of a home without even a hearing,” Roberts said. “In many ways they make their own decisions, not based on legal grounds, and nobody's doing anything about it."

Domestic Violence Public Corruption

The Bullitt County Courts and newly established Family Court will go at no ends to hide and conceal audio's in order to protect their own when caught in a string of public corruption. The Bullitt County Family Court has no interest in any child's best interest. It is strictly profit driven and political. Women are forced to be homeless, exploited, stalked and harrassed, children wrongfully taken without explanation every day. It's astonishing what can be accomplished if you attend meetings with the local Mason's. By no means, exercise your civil right to file a complaint....they will "employ" CPS to traffic your child into a foster home. They will not allow you to speak or present evidence. They will make so excuse to end the court session or worse if any proof of their own involvement or wrongdoing is presented. You will not be entitled to any constitutional rights. Kentucky is a Commonwealth. There is no accountability for Judges, Attorneys, Public Officials as the BAR and Judicial Review Board imply. They turn a blind eye, slap on the's a multil million dollar business. Civil Rights or Attorney General will simply advise you to speak with an attorney just as the Domestic Violence Coalition. They really do nothing to protect the rights of children or families. Its basically a big scam on the KY.GOV website. Even if you collect, record, the court hearings, will not are in a Commonwealth where they will take care of each other. I will say they "selectively" arrest citizens for non-support, drunk driving, drugs....however....if you speak out or make mention of their bias or discrimination....they will make it a point to intervene in other matters to ensure other attorney's in the county will do what it takes to Devastate you and your family. Records will start will suddenly become "mentally ill or crazy" and "uncredible" and it will spread thru the county like a plague. One person did finally do the right thing but then he shot himself a few weeks later. Legal Malpractice.....well you will NEVER get an attorney in KY to file against another. I wonder if they join a Brotherhood or something in school? Funny thing, most of those who did participate in these violent acts were Teamster, Mason, or Public Official. That should tell you something about your Judicial System. If you have a child, it will inflitrate the school system too. (They have their own attorney who is notoriousely corrupt) Maybe they will post this on their Hillbilly report. Bullitt Buzzarro. My advice, leave the state or at least the county. You may be at risk for yourself and your family to become prisoners within a 50 mile radius for years to come without relief.

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