New name for International Advocates for Children

New name for International Advocates for Children
Posted on Tuesday, January 09 @ 10:56:00 CET by admin

Children's Rights International Advocates for Children has decided to pick up a new name as
per 1st of October: World Initiative for Orphans. As subtitle: The Global
Partnership on Children without Parental Care. The new name better reflects
the full mission of the organisation.
From 21-24 May 2007 World Initiative for Orphans International Conference.

WIO is an independent, non-profit human rights organisation for orphaned and
abandoned children worldwide. Children who are deprived of the guidance and
protection of their primary caregivers are more vulnerable to health risks,
violence, exploitation and discrimination and they are often deprived of
education. WIO strives to guard the fundamental needs of this disadvantaged
population by engaging in advocacy, education, problem analysis, and the
development of solutions based on sound research that can be applied by
countries and NGO's worldwide. WIO is uniquely building bridges between
governments, NGO's and experts from all fields, to develop unity and global
harmony in finding best practices that work in each region of the world for
each individual child.

From 21-24 May 2007 World Initiative for Orphans will organise an
international conference, meant for Government Decision-makers, relevant
NGO's and Researchers. This symposium will provide an open forum for
communication and will identify new approaches and model practical
solutions. The goals of the conference are to achieve international
cooperation in solving problems pertaining alternative care of parentless
children by invoking serious contemplation, study and discussion of law,
political and social science, and technology, and in promoting and
encouraging respect of Children's Rights.

This week the Headquarters has been moved from Amsterdam to The Hague, The
Netherlands, the capital of International Peace and Justice. WIO, CEO
Maarten Brekelmans and the City Council, represented by counsellor Frits
Huffnagel (VVD), have signed a four-year agreement to express support and
cooperation. With this first Dutch government support it was easier for WIO
to lease a new office building in The Hague by November 1st 2006.

The new address is:
World Initiative for Orphans
Prinsessegracht 3
2514 AN The Hague
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 70 345 9202
Fax. +31 70 345 3134

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