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Who are the children?
  • The children available for adoption from South Korea are infants, usually about 10-12 months of age upon arrival.
  • There are boys and girls, but usually more boys are available.
  • They are placed for adoption by their birth mothers.
  • Information is usually available about the birth parents and the child's medical condition, if any.
  • If a family has questions about health issues, it is possible to obtain additional information from physicians in Korea.
Who can adopt?

While there might be some flexibility for families who are interested in providing a home for some children with certain disabilities, in general, applicants should be:

  • Lifelink's Korea program will accept married applicants between the ages of 25 and 42, with a maximum 10-year age difference between husband and wife.
  • Applicants must be married a minimum of three years, but at least high school graduates and have a minimum income of $30,000.
  • Families can have two children in the home and still be eligible for a healthy infant.
  • Families cannot be more than 30% over the mean of U.S. Standardized Weight Chart.
  • Families may have up to four children if they are accepting of a child with special needs.
  • Childless couples or families with a child of each gender may not choose gender; families with a son may apply for a daughter.
The Adoption Process:
  • Lifelink will conduct a home study of applicants and assist them in completing the necessary documents that are required.
  • Licensure by the State is necessary as the adoption will not be finalized until six months following the child's placement.
  • During the waiting period, we will provide you with training on adoption issues and information on the Korean culture as we believe understanding these issues is an important facet of the adoption experience.
  • Since new adoption legislation is being implemented in Korea, time frameworks for a referral may vary from 1-2 years through our partner agency, Eastern Social Welfare Society.
  • In Florida, we partner with Family and Children Agency (FCA) and the period is approximately 9 months.
  • No travel is required as babies can be escorted to the United States.
  • If preferred, families may travel to Korea.
  • A short trip of three to four days would be all that would be necessary.

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