Parents post baby on eBay for 1 euro

Authorities take custody of a 7-month-old boy; mom says ad was joke

The Associated Press
9:43 a.m. ET
May 24, 2008

BERLIN, Germany - Authorities in southern Germany have taken custody of a 7-month-old boy after his parents posted an ad on eBay offering to sell him for one euro, or about $1.60.

Police spokesman Peter Hieber says the baby was placed in the care of youth services in the southwestern Allgaeu region.

Hieber said on Saturday that the mother told police the Internet ad was only a joke. Authorities have begun an investigation into possible child trafficking against the parents.

No offers were made for the child in the two hours and 30 minutes the ad was posted. The Internet auction site deleted the posting later.

Several people who saw the ad alerted police.

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Don't know if we have to take this seriously, but if so then there is a serious inflation from the days children exchanged hands for 25 cents and  canary.



Adult Humour

I wonder if the adults who put themselves up for adoption on ebay (seeking rich owners) are also put into police custody?

For example: 


looking for millionaire to adopt me and my family

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Are you a millionaire who has no family, look no further I'm willing to adopt me and my family out to you for 1 million dollars. I'm serious! I've always dreamed of owning a ranch or a South American oasis, or running a corporation. I've never really had a father and I don't know my grandfather, so I am looking for a father figure, or even a grandfather to call my own, or a grandmother would be nice. One requirement must love God. I regret I ask for money,but want to give my family a better life

From what I'm told, only the posts that get written complaints get taken off the sales-block.

It's nice to see how Adoption, and the sale/trade of a child (or person in need)  is seen by the general public, isn't it?    I wonder how many see adoption as being the cure-all for personal misery.  <hmmm....>

The irony is, CPS and adoption services are no less a lottery system than eBay, with the private agent keeping the profits!

eBay services

Ever look into the blogs eBay provides its customers?

I'm not sure if I should be shocked or sorry to see how many people are trying to sell their shit, just so they can make enough money to buy ADOPT "support" a child.

Does the adoption industry care?  Not if they get their checks, perks and bonuses through these "supporting" companies.

Isn't it incredible to see how much money is gained by different businesses, all in the same of "saving an unwanted child".

Abortion could never wrack this kind of money for the government adoption services (and their support-staff) use, could it? 

I was told in the world of marketing, all you need is a gimmic.  Does this mean child trafficking has won the war on market-gimmicks?

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And there are another 121 websites for sale from this company, ranging from Yeast infection business, to student loans, to house cleaning and puppy naming. See here.

The list of requirements to adopt

  1. Residence: Adoptive applicants must reside within the area that the agency can serve directly, or, in an area where the agency can procure services through another agency, social worker, or attorney with acceptable standards.

  2. Age:We do not have strict age limits for determining whether prospective applicants would be good parents. More important than age are emotional stability, physical health, and life expectancy in considering families.

  3. Health: A recent physical examination is required. Applicants should have reasonably good physical and mental health as well as a normal life expectancy. Prospective parents must be free from communicable diseases.

  4. Health Insurance:Applicants must provide a letter from their insurance provider directly to the agency verifying medical coverage and regarding coverage for the child.

  5. Marital Status:Married applicants must be married for at least one year and maintain a residence together for at least that long. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. The relationship must also be deemed by the home study process to be stable. Single parents are considered in accordance with their ability to meet the needs of a child. Having a good support system in place is important.

  6. Housing: Housing and neighborhood situations should provide adequate space and living conditions necessary for the health, safety, security, and self-respect of the adoptive child and family. Specific space requirements are not important. It is not a strict requirement that the child has a room to themselves. Home ownership is not a requirement.

  7. Lifestyle: Lifestyle issues are not the sole criteria by which the suitability of an adoptive applicant is determined. Consideration is given to the capability of the applicant to meet the needs of a specific child.                                      

Wow, those are some high-standards set by these aggressive sellers!

<dripping sarcasm>

And how much can be made, just by owning a popular, frequently visited adoption website -- one that could care less about what happens to the people who will get used and get screwed by such "available information"?  Maybe I'm in the wrong business.  OOOOOH, if only I didn't think child trafficking and neglect was wrong!  Damn me and my twisted morality and personal priorities.


I believe this link helps prove the fact that standards to adoption-practices simply do not exist.... yet millions (if not millions of millions) of dollars are being made, at the expense of parents and children.  If a rinky-dink site like this eBay-opportunity can promise 100k a year, what is a site like Adoption.con bringing itself, on an annual income basis?

Wouldn't you just love to learn what the International Adoption Industry, and all its private sister-companies around the globe, make in a single year?  Surely they must be making a killing... especially if there are more and more growing sites like Placing a Child.con willing to work as one of the money-making minons private adoption agencies want and need so badly.

Supply and demand has never seemed so scary and creepy to me as it does in the very real world of cyber-adoption opportunities. 

Is that a vagina as their logo?????

Maybe I'm not seeing right because I'm that messed-up from being adopted, but the logo used on this website,, doesn't it look far too much like a woman's sex organs?  I mean come on!  Two pairs of open hands, holding a shrouded baby topped with, I'm guessing a small fig leaf?  The hands remind me of a scene from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" called Huge Vagina  (a must-see, really!) 

I can't stop looking at it, the logo, wondering what sicko came up with that idea, using a rounded fetus as a clitoris!  It's either very clever or downright revolting to use not-so subliminal messaging in a website logo.  It's even more disturbing when you realize who's behind the google-links that will bring a click's worth of money to the lucky bastard who decides to purchase this new site.  Already Spence-Chapin, and other vultures have their claws ready to snatch someone's baby.

Could it be S-C is running-out of Korean and Vietnamese children to trade for its pockets, or are they simply showing a deep domestic interest, too? tells about their Vietnam Adoption Programs tells about their Korean market.

My personal favorite is how a so-called non-profit agency breaksdown the costs of adoption for their potential "clients". 

"Parents can make adopting from Spence-Chapin more affordable through federal adoption tax credits, corporate employee benefits, state subsidies and Spence-Chapin's special funds.

 Spence-Chapin's service fee is spelled out in the beginning and is comprehensive. It includes, among other services:

  • Assignment of a personal social worker
  • Home study and post-placement services
  • Educational workshops to help prepare for adoptive parenthood
  • Assistance from document preparation specialists
  • Birth parent expenses covered for domestic adoptions
  • Free counseling for a year from our SPARK child development experts
  • Participation in a well-baby care workshop and a SPARK developmental playshop
  • Support for humanitarian aid program

Now I'm not good with math or ecconomics, so let me make sure I get this right.  In order to make a profit, all you have to do is limit your services, but charge whatever the hell you want to keep the money you make.  The problem with this is, the governement will hit you with huge taxes.  But in a non-profit, you can make all you want, just as long as all that money coming in goes out in a way that leaves no money left-overs for the leaders of that org.  How do we know how ethical this sharing of the money is, especially if employees are getting top-paying salaries complete with all sorts of perks and benefits?  Is it possible for a non-profit adoption agency like S-C to use the adoption service fees as a way to pay for the many salaries and expensive traveling and entertaining (fund-raising) costs they decide to develop within a given year, and the use the left-overs for the familes and children?

How kosher would that be if the money they are getting is through the trafficking of children from poor areas around the world?  They mention independent network services, who's to say they're not baby brokers looking for quick easy cash from an American adoption agency?  All I know is, according to their adoption service fee menu, it reads like parents are getting services for 1 year, but S-C's limited services have been funded for decades.

Last, but not at all least, because my blood is really beginning to boil now.  Who the hell are these so-called humanitarian workers?  Baby brokers in various countries?  Lonely U.N. peacekeepers?

Pound Pup Legacy