Update: Greed, Motivation For Abuse

Date: 2007-07-31

Update: Greed, Motivation For Abuse

another person and abusing them? Greed. To get the care they need, "I'm sure would cost her some money to do that, and she limits her expenses by restricting their care," police Capt. Scott Bartal said."

"If you send a kid to school, that's an expense, that you're going to have to realize and she didn't have that expense. Why she did what she did, it's all for financial gain."

as told to TCPalm

The case of abuse against Judith Leekin 62, continues to unfold as formal charges are expected to be handed out this week.

The list of offences she is currently being held in custody for are as follows:
- 4 counts of aggravated child abuse
- 1 count tampering with a victim
- 1 count aggravated child abuse
- Unauthorized possession of multiple drivers license or ID cards held under multiple names
- 4 counts aggravated abuse of an elderly person or disabled adult

It has been documented that all the children as well as the adults were deprived of medical and dental care. They were all deprived of an education and all denied social interaction with others outside of the small adoptive family group.

They all slept on the floor in a hall (that had deadbolts on all the doorways) as a group, with a pillow and sheet to sleep upon and not allowed a cover with which to put over themselves. Their clothing placed in cabinets in this same hallway area. Zip-tied or handcuffed together as a group, if Judith left the home for a period of time. Forced to urinate on themselves at times because they were told to not move while she was gone, in fear of being harmed.

The abuse that the four children ages from 14 to 17 went through has been documented by medical exams and forensic interviews. (see previous post)

The the adults (all in their 20's) that were under her guardianship (believed to have adopted also) have also went through medical exams and forensic interviews.(pdf document) (The names of these victims as they are currently known by are being withheld in my post.)

a.) The initial young woman with whom this case was initiated with, at age 18, had scars on her wrists which a doctor concluded were consistent with the long term use of restraints such as zip-ties and handcuffs. She stated she had been adopted by Judith at the age of five, she has been with Judith for an estimated 13 years.

b.) ** has limited verbal skills and is often non-responsive and does appear to read with minimal comprehension and appears to be developmentally

c.) ** this person has been with Judith 14-15 years and also has signs of scarring about the wrists consistent with the long term use of restraining devices. Has not had any education beyond the 3rd or 4th grade. Is functionally deprived and has minimal reality orientation. Has obvious signs of medical and dental neglect.

d.) ** has been with Judith 20 years, has had no education past the 3rd or 4th grade level. Can read and write in a very limited capacity. According to the doctors report this person is also socially/functionally deprived

e.) ** is blind and has little verbal skills, needs assistance and is in a state of near continuous self-stimulation such as rocking and mumbling to self. Also appears to be developmentally disabled.

Two other people were also believed to have been adopted by this woman but the investigators have been unable to locate them at this time.

The many investigators on this case include the police in more than one county, FBI and DCF are all working together to bring justice for these people.

The records from New York are expected to be coming in this week and there is hope that these records (such as adoption paperwork) will shed more light. As well as possibly add more charges to the list Judith already has against her, such as possible fraud against the state of New York and also possibly the federal government if she indeed did get any monies from either source for the care and support of these individuals.

The investigators are in the process of trying to freeze the bank accounts owned by Judith if they do indeed find any evidence from New York to support their belief that fraud has been committed. The adoption processes themselves will also be looked into as part of the investigation.

So far the attorney for Judith Leekin is of course not commenting on the case that is being brought against her, as is only the proper and correct way to comport himself during this time.

"I choose not to try my cases in the media," he said.

I can only agree with his statement, the media is to report the facts as given. His job is to try and get his client off with as little time as possible.

She is currently being held (after turning herself in) at the St. Lucie County Jail in FL., her current bond amount is at $4,435,000 million.



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