Maybe the media will make the mother of all adoption scams much bigger news

When people hear the phrase "adoption scam", most people will assume it will be a story about a number of prospective adoptive parents getting swindled out of money, either by a birth parent or adoption agency claiming to have a child to adopt.  The scam part being, there is no child; there's only a bunch of people trying to take money from those who believe they are doing the right thing.  If people think the average adoption scam can easily leave a parent financially and emotionally drained, behold the mother of all adoption scams created to serve adoptive parents willing to pay anything for a real live baby.

The scam is known as The Dead Baby Scam, and it worked like this:  mothers and fathers were told their baby was either born dead, or died immediately after birth.  That was lie #1, because that baby never died.  Instead, while the parents were left to mourn the loss of their healthy newborn, others got busy cleaning and preparing the healthy newborn for the new parents who paid others a significant amount of money for their brand new warm happy bundle of joy.  Yep, those "dead" babies were sold through a private black-market adoption.  After that first lie, the lies would only snowball, as bribes taken and paid by various "respectable" people made this black market baby adoption scam work so well. Think about the serious implications, as a falsified death certificate and fake birth certificate had to be created so this illegal adoption could be possible.  (OBC and adoption records, anyone?)

Now there's relavitely good news to report.   Nicole Brewster, a producer from Fifth Estate, is looking for victims of this, the most hideous of all, adoption scams.

If you are, or believe to be, a victim of The Dead Baby Scam, or have information about this terrible practice, please contact Nicole at:

Nicole Brewster-MercuryAssociate
Producer CBC Television-fifth estate
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Privacy, adoption law, and for the (bleeping) record

I should mention, it was not just married mothers in hospitals (or at home) who had their un-dead babies taken away and sold through an illegal adoption.  Many unwed women became victims, too.  Knowing the story behind the Butterbox Babies, I can easily picture nurses "comforting" the young mothers by telling them their newborn baby had unexpected complications, and as a result, died.  Ah yes, anything is possible is a religious-friendly maternity home!

Now we come to the age of search and reunion, and the funny stuff we call Adoption Law.  Since I am a purchased Canadian by-product, I'd like to show others how adoption laws work against adoptees trying to learn the truth about their origins.... keep in mind, too, my adopters never wanted me to have an interest in any of this adoption-nonsense. 

From Canadian Privacy Law Blog:

The province's legislature is debating Bill 183, the Adoption Information Disclosure Act, 2005, which turns the existing system on its head by presuming disclosure of adoption records at the request of either the adoptee or the birth parent. The current regime requires both parties to register with the government if they want to be contacted or to receive information on the other party. The proposed law requires a "do not contact" notice if the individual does not want their information handed over. Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner has come out strongly against the proposed change.

To put it more simply, if I (the adoptee) wanted to receive any information about my birth mother (in Canada), first I would have to register my name with the government , and hope my Bmother did the same (registered her name).  Here's the kicker for some adult children looking for living parents:  some mothers don't want their pregnant-past revealed.  (The mothers want the pregnancy and birth to remain secret).  Consequently, these secret-to-the-grave women are up in arms about any names going public... God forbid her secret gets discovered.  (God forbid spouses, siblings or in-laws ever find-out there is/was a birthed child 'out there'.)  These women live with the belief that they should and would always be guaranteed a right to privacy.  For them, they made a deal -- they did the right thing -- they didn't abort an unwanted pregnancy.  In return, they should be given something, and that something is quite simple:  under no circumstance would it ever be possible for ANY person to ever discover any birth/family information, at any time... even after death.  [Yep, let's pretend the live-birth never ever took place... that's easy....that'll work.]  Personally, I find the hiding of any information - any name association with a birth and an adoption - an outrage.  The way I see it, you choose to give birth, you will have to face all the natural consequence that comes with it.

Now let's add the Dead Baby Scam to a possible re-union story and any adoption law. 

If my b.mother was told she delivered a still-born, she essentially would be expected to move-on and live as if the birth was nothing more than a bad dream. [In fact, many birth-mothers were told, after delivery, they should live as if the birth never took place, and the baby does not exist.  Nice, isn't it?]  Now think for a minute:  If a mother delivered a still-born, how many would be encouraging her to put her name on a search-registry?   How many would be telling her the cry she thought she head was nothing more than a dream --  a figment of her imagination?

I myself delivered four healthy babies.  I cannot think of a more cruel, inhumane, immoral act than the dead baby scam.  Remember, this scam is done so someone can make money through the sale of a healthy newborn.  This sale, this trade of life, this exchange of money for baby, goes through a lawyer or a small private adoption agency, and the couple who pays the very high required fees for this "service" walks away feeling good because they not only got the (white) healthy newborn they wanted, they also did a good deed --  yep, they 'saved' a baby.  Yes, folks, if not for the adoption that saves lives and prevents the unnecessary death of a newborn, if not for altruistic AP's with plenty of room (and income) to spare, that "dead" baby "orphan" would have met a terrible terrible fate at a terrible terrible orphanage.   Sick, isn't it?  Meanwhile, mommy in the recovery-ward would be expected to mend and get-over her loss.... maybe if she was lucky (and still fertile), she'd be told during a sudden hysterical fit, "Don't worry, you could always have more."

A comment posted on the Privacy Law Blog goes as follows:

Why are adoption fraud victims being ignored in all of this?

According to the UN, there are THOUSANDS of us.

It is another reason why this government is putting forward Bill 183 - as all other previous
governments REFUSED to investigate the culprits, especially those of the "dead" baby
scam. Doctors would be bribed
by some CAS's to tell mothers that their baby had died - and then put the "dead" baby up
for adoption without the knowledge of the mother.
They certainly did not obtain her consent or the father's consent under those conditions!!

Bill 183 is now the ONLY justice left for us as most of the criminals have now fled,
disappeared or died.

We have every right to know our stolen sons and daughters names.
For many, it will be the ONLY thing that we have, should we find our offspring dead or that we are dead when we are found.

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