Playing Dr. Ann Corwin: Attachment Theory

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Children are eager learners, but because their brains are still developing, they learn in ways we don't often think about. Seemingly small matters like eye contact or physical movement can be powerful motivators used to communicate certain messages to a child.


Bonding with Baby

I never understood "bonding" or emotional attachment until I had my own babies. 

As an adoptee, parenthood posed so many personal problems for me... most of them related to Loss.

For instance, I hadn't realized just how long 40 weeks was until I became pregnant.

I had no idea how long a year was in the life of an infant.

I had no idea how much of my life was lost to foster-care, until I saw life through my nursing-baby's eyes.

I had no idea how much I mourned my own mommy, until I became one, myself.

Do adoption specialists tell this to prospective parents?

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